Friday Photo: What is this thing in downtown Saint Paul?

While I was looking at old aerial photos of Saint Paul for the Then & Now yesterday, I kept noticing this large series of structures just East of the state capitol complex.


The picture is from 1957. Does anyone know what this is?

7 thoughts on “Friday Photo: What is this thing in downtown Saint Paul?

  1. Michael Mason

    I’ll check with my father-in-law who grew up just east of there. He might know, and I know his old friends worked on the last capital reconstruction in the 60s-70s. Somebody might know something, but I’m wondering if it had to do with the train interchange by Jackson.

    1. Bill LindekeBill Lindeke Post author

      no kidding!

      from the website:

      The Market has had several homes during its long history, but always in the downtown St. Paul area. Its longest tenure was at Tenth and Jackson streets, opening in 1902. It remained there until freeway construction and downtown development claimed the site, causing a move to Fifth and Wall streets in 1982. A new design reminiscent of the original market–corrugated fiberglass–covers the 167 open-air stalls and bricks pave the walkways. The location today is near one of the areas selected in 1853 by St. Paul to house the first Farmers’ Market.

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