Chart of the Day: Land Use Requirements for Solar Energy

solarpvlanduseThis chart shows the land area required to provide 100 percent of US electricity requirements in 2050, compared with other land uses in our great nation. Read this for a longer discussion of the land use impacts of low-carbon energy sources like wind, solar and nuclear. Some local land use conflicts have arisen in Minnesota recently as new, large solar farms start to be built in the state.

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One Response to Chart of the Day: Land Use Requirements for Solar Energy

  1. Adam Froehlig
    Adam Froehlig June 26, 2015 at 12:37 pm #

    In about 4 weeks, we’re getting solar installed at our house. The contractor has estimated that a 60ft long fixed array will cover about 95% of our average annual electrical usage. Pre-tax-credit, it’ll run us $39,000.

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