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Cloquet Gas Station - Exterior

Broadacre City in Minnesota

Frank Lloyd Wright is a renowned as a great architect. His city plans are less well-loved. In the 1930s he proposed Broadacre City, a new American landscape where everyone would have an acre of land, a car, and a gyrocopter. Fueling those cars requires gasoline. Gasoline requires Gas Stations. FLW, being an architect, had a gas […]

Roadkill Bill: Part 4 of Vincent Van Gogh in America

Yup, it’s Minnesota State Fair time which means I will take a break from penciling Book 2 of Bicyclopolis to sketch people eating lots and lots of stuff. Here is the next comic about the cloning of Vincent Van Gogh. Click to make it bigger:  

Sunday Summary – August 30, 2015

Before you go out to the Great Minnesota Get-Together, why not watch The Minnesota State Fair on Speed video for a frenetic, but accurate preview? It’s been a pretty light week here at, perhaps because our writers have been eating cheese curds, witnessing the Miracle of Birth, answering legislative questionnaires, gathering piles of free stuff, or riding […]

State Fair thumbnail

The Minnesota State Fair on Speed

No, this isn’t a video about rampant illicit drug use at the great Minnesota get together. It’s a timelapse video shot 6 years ago by Pioneer Press photographer Ben Garvin. I imagine many of the same things are taking place this year as I contemplate the even heavier than usual car traffic passing through my neighborhood […]

Lincoln Avenue is Good Route Up Summit Hill. There’s Only One Problem…

Living in Lowertown, I have need to frequent my favorite shops/businesses on Grand Ave. Of course, this entails a good workout biking up the Grand Avenue hill. My preference, though, is to turn left and bike on Lincoln Ave (one block south and parallel to Grand) instead of the busy Grand or Summit Avenues. I […]

Chart of the Day: Top 10 States for Vehicle Repair Costs over Time

Via Ritholz and the Wall Street Journal, here’s a chart showing estimates of annual vehicle maintenance costs for different US states, as well as the national average: My gut feeling is that part of this is because the average age of vehicles is increasing, and has been for a decade. People now own their cars for nearly […]

Chart of the Day: Congestion Cost Estimate Ranges

Well, today’s news is dominated by the perennial congestion report released from the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), which ranks cities based on congestion and then places a monetary value on that estimate. Feel free to read through James’ critique of the numbers, which was published on the site today. Or check out this chart, from Todd Litman’s […]

Would You Pay $876 to Cut 6 Minutes Off Your Commute?

There were some mighty big numbers in the annual Urban Mobility Scorecard that the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and data company Inrix released Wednesday. Twin Cities residents, the study found, spent an average of 47 hours in 2014 stuck in rush hour congestion. That put us at 23rd among the 101 ranked metros. Washington, D.C., led […]

It’s Too Hilly, Cold, Hot, Far, Snowy and Uncultured to Ride a Bicycle Here

The title seems to be the belief of many in Minnesota when the subject of bicycling for transportation comes up. I often hear people say that we can never be anything like the Dutch because The Netherlands is flat, more temperate, less snowy, and bicycling is, after all, part of their culture, so we shouldn’t […]

Signs and Sidewalks Don’t Mix

Road construction season in Minnesota is winding down and, as a result, many of the orange signs that are seasonal visitors to our urban landscape will soon be warehoused away. If you’re a slab of concrete in Minneapolis with the purpose of providing space for people to walk, this may give you some breathing room. […]