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Chart of the Day: Minneapolis Electricity vs. Built Square Footage over Time

Via Brendon Slotterback’s Twitter, here’s a chart showing Minneapolis’ energy use and “built square footage” (i.e. the total amount of buildings) over time: As Slotterback says: Minneapolis’ total electricity use has declined 4% since ’06 while total square footage has increased 5.5%. At the global scale, preventing out of control climate change requires de-linking GDP […]

59 Years On Sunny Slope

March 31, 2015 9.9 miles Highland Park The trees remain bare, the sides of most streets are ensconced in five months of winter grit and the temperature dips quickly as evening approaches. But none of that matters because it’s March 31st and my bike and I are out of the basement and on the streets […]

Map Monday: USA Turf Grass

Next time you’re out mowing the lawn, think about this map for a second. Via (something called), here you go: The map comes from a NASA study which looks at how lawns affect the environment. Here is the key part: There is now an estimated total of 163,812 square kilometers, or more than 63,000 […]

MnDOT and Saint Paul’s Apology Doesn’t Change Anything

On July 17, The Minnesota Department of Transportation and Saint Paul mayor Chris Coleman apologized for bulldozing the Rondo neighborhood of Saint Paul to build Interstate 94. Beginning in 1958, the freeway destroyed nearly a thousand homes and businesses and it displaced thousands of people at the core of a predominantly African American neighborhood. It […]

How Amy Schumer Taught Judd Apatow to Love Cities

I’m a huge fan of Judd Apatow – from his TV show Freaks and Geeks to films like 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up. I’m at least as big of a fan of Amy Schumer’s comedy. So I was excited beyond measure to see that they were teaming up to create Trainwreck. The movie, which did […]

Roadkill Bill: Part 3 of Vincent Van Gogh in America

There was a pause last week in the penciling of the second book of Bicyclopolis as I took the opportunity to sketch the re-enactment of the homecoming of Civil War soldiers to Fort Snelling 150 years ago. Now, we return to the tale of Vincent Van Gogh, cloned from a piece of his ear. In today’s comic, Van Gogh refuses […]

Sunday Summary – August 23, 2015

The first autumnal sort of days have arrived, leaves are beginning to turn and summer starting to end; our writers must be out enjoying the last bit of it this week.  Or maybe we were too busy getting together to converse and consider Questions and Results from Trivia #2.  Test your knowledge, but writing for […]

Chart of the Day: Commuting by Automobile since 1960

Via Planetizen, here’s a chart with some handy-dandy ACS data: Some comment on the data from Emily Badger: … the decline in auto commuting among millennials applies to those “who live in the principle city of each metropolitan area — so, not the suburbs.” A four-point decline [see second bullet above] may not sound like much (it […]

Questions and Results from Trivia #2

This week, hosted a fun happy hour at Public Kitchen and Bar in downtown Saint Paul. As part of the festivities, I wrote up a trivia contest for people. Here are the questions. See how you do! A good time was had by all, but the winners are: 1st Place: The Inner Ringers (26 points) 2nd Place: […]

Chart of the Day: Percent of US Who Spend Time with Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors is a bit of a cliché these days, it seems. Here’s a chart from a recent Citylab article about how many people actually know their neighbors:   Here’s what the article says about the trend: “There used to be this necessity to reach out and build bonds with people who […]