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What would make I-94 better? | MPR writer Bill Lindeke was on MPR today (August 20) to discuss I-94. LISTEN Rethinking Interstate 94 33min 3sec Guests Brian Isaacson: I-94 Project Manager, MnDOT Bill Lindeke: One of the editors of transportation blog; member of the Saint Paul city planning commission

When We Walk In Fields Of Gold

Officials recently announced the preferred routing for the eastern segment of Gateway Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), with proposed branding as the METRO Gold Line. Like the Red Line running between Mall of America and Apple Valley, this will give suburban Park & Ride users a one-seat ride to a secondary job core and a two-seat ride to our region’s primary job […]

Chart of the Day: Emotional-Affective Trajectory of Public Engagement

Here’s a chart from Augsburg University sociology professor Lars Christiansen’s latest article, in the Journal of Planning Education and Research, which describes the “emotional-affective trajectory” of a bike infrastructure project. In lay terms, it describes how the public engagement was experienced for participants and policymakers as it evolved through the public process. Here’s the chart: Here’s Christainesn’s description of the […]

info screen on a bus

Free Low-Frequency Transit Idea: Rider Simplicity > Cost

I’m on vacation in a part of the world where major towns (population 24,000) have weekend train service every other hour, including stops in many towns of just a few hundred.* I’m using my fair share of this convenient Norwegian transit, including buses, streetcars, and ferries. Here for a reunion, I’m seeing many friends. This […]

Chart of the Day: The Demography of Cycling Deaths

The Centers for Disease Control released a report on Monday about long-term trends in cycling deaths. At first glance you may think “great, cycling mortality is declining!”. However, as previously discussed on cause-specific mortality rates are a funny thing. They reflect the sum of the riskiness of an activity, and the frequency of the […]

NIEBNA, Old St. Anthony, CenHen: An Exercise to Name a Nameless Place

Some of the greatest places have some of the greatest names. The Grand Canyon is fairly self-explanatory–it’s a canyon, and it is rather grand. Coney Island, with its imagination-inducing name referring to an isolated floating group of processed meats, juxtaposes the lighthearted, artificially-flavored entertainment district in New York. Then again, some great places have ambiguous names, barely describing the locales geography in […]

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The Death of a Downtown | The St Paul Paid Parking Menace

A satirical movie trailer by Nate Hood in response to Mayor Chris Coleman’s proposal to charge motorists to park their cars on the streets of downtown Saint Paul. Published on Aug 14, 2015 R.I.P Downtown St Paul, if these urbanists get their way!  

Canadian Bank of Commerce Building, Thunder Bay Ontario

Main Street – Thunder Bay, Ontario

Okay, Thunder Bay (map) is not quite in Minnesota, but it is the largest city northeast of Minneapolis, larger even than Duluth with over 100,000 people (though of course, when you get talking about metropolitan areas, the numbers change). “Thunder Bay” didn’t even exist as a named place until 1969, it was formed by the […]

Roadkill Bill: Part 2 of Vincent Van Gogh in America

It’s clear sailing ahead on penciling the second book of Bicyclopolis, except for the Minnesota State Fair Sketch-Out. In the meantime, we continue with the saga of Vincent Van Gogh, cloned from a piece of his ear in last week’s comic. In today’s comic, Van Gogh attempts to eke a living painting the contemporary American scene. […]

Sunday Summary – August 16, 2015

It’s been a hot week in Minnesota and I am grateful for street trees and their shade. While keeping cool, writers also kept busy and here’s the week: At Metropolitan State University Parking Defeats Education showcases a letter to about a 2013 post by David Levinson which called out Metro State’s proposed (now enacted) […]