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Future Minneapolis Transit Map by Kyril Negoa at Mapping Twin Cities Tumbler

Map Monday: Minneapolis future transit

We have featured Kyril Negoda’s work here before at This is a more recent map of Future Transit in Minneapolis. He writes: Minneapolis future transit map. Work in progress This screenshot covers almost the entire area of Minneapolis. The future lines will continue to closely follow historical development patterns from the streetcar era, which favored north-south  axis […]

Sunday Summary – November 29, 2015

You’ve made it through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and are on the brink of Cyber Monday – a good time to relax and take a look at the past week on  First, though, click over and buy tickets to the 2015 streets.fundraiser – Thursday, December 17th and plan to come chat, nibble, and watch […]

Breaking the Law to Mail a Letter, or, Being a Pedestrian in America and Abroad

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota, USA It was Saturday afternoon and I needed to mail a letter to Japan. Most post offices close at 1 p.m. on Saturday, but I figured at least one would be open. Minneapolis is a big city after all, right? The USPS website directed me to the following branch, open until 11 p.m. on Saturday. […]

Improvements for Cyclists on Ford Parkway and Montreal Avenue

Newly painted (and completely reconstructed) Montreal Avenue and Ford Parkway are now open. Both roads incorporate ways to keep the roads more safe, and inviting, especially to our neighbors who are outside of a car. There were a few improvements to be desired, but I must commend the City of Saint Paul and Ramsey County […]

Chart of the Day: Global Temperature Anomalies 1880 – Present

It might seem lovely to be enjoying all this warm weather, green grass, sunshine and flowers here at the end of a Minnesota November. Welcome to the warmest month of all time (“all-time” equals “since 1880, and relative to a 30-year baseline beginning at mid-century). Via Paul Huttner’s MPR climate blog, here’s the NASA chart: […]

Walking to School

The State Non-motorized Transportation Advisory Committee

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is currently seeking people to apply for open positions for the State Non-Motorized Transportation Advisory Committee. Application are online. Applications submitted by today, November 24, 2015 are given full consideration. However, we will consider applications until all positions are filled. So please read below, apply and forward to others. We appreciate your help in getting this […]

picture of the red light

Signal Timing Transformed My Everyday

  I’ve lived three doors from the intersection of 22nd Street and Hennepin Avenue South for 19 years. I have to cross Hennepin to get to 90 percent of the places I go. For 19 years, my every-day getting-around has been ruled by the insistence of that stoplight rushing drivers north and south along Hennepin, […]

Jefferson Crashes Rekindle Bicycle Boulevard Debate

Obviously, it was sad. Last week I had the ill fate of attending a police press conference at the corner of Cleveland and Jefferson Avenues in Saint Paul’s Mac-Groveland neighborhood. I had no pressing business that afternoon and, because I’d always wanted to see what one of these pressers was like, I scooted across town. […]

Roundabout Myths (video)

A local engineering firm is out with a new video debunking 10 common roundabout “myths,” which surely wouldn’t stump our wonderful readership. Rochester City Councilor Michael Wojcik posted a link to this video on his blog: While I suspect the publishers would never admit it, poor decision making by the Rochester City Council likely […]