Chart of the Day: Global Temperature Anomalies 1880 – Present

It might seem lovely to be enjoying all this warm weather, green grass, sunshine and flowers here at the end of a Minnesota November. Welcome to the warmest month of all time (“all-time” equals “since 1880, and relative to a 30-year baseline beginning at mid-century). Via Paul Huttner’s MPR climate blog, here’s the NASA chart:

temperature anomaly chart 1880 present


I don’t know. Some folks might disagree, but this kind of warm weather creeps me out. I took my jacket off walking around today, and literally stopped and smelled the roses.

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One Response to Chart of the Day: Global Temperature Anomalies 1880 – Present

  1. Steve Nimchuk November 26, 2015 at 10:55 am #

    Interesting WWII bump. It might indicate what happens when a massive CO2 release happens world wide.

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