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Map Monday: 1901 Dual City Blue Book Map of Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Via @neomischa on Twitter, here’s a beautiful old map of the Twin Cities, published especially for the Dual City Blue Book in 1901.     The “Dual City Blue Book” was a kind of map and guide, sort of a combination of Yellow Pages, street atlas, and Happenings’ book of its era. It describes itself […]

A Journey Down US 14

I’ve always loved road trips. On my old, long defunct North Star Highways site (still the name of my Flickr account), I would do what I call phototours, road trips focusing on “roadgeeking.” Flickr is a good place for photos, but not for narrative, and I thought this would be an appropriate place to for […]

Official Plan for Twin Cities Grand Rounds (Minneapolis Missing Link Study, p. 15)

Minneapolis Grand Rounds + Saint Paul Grand Round = Twin Cities Grand Infinity

Minneapolis and St. Paul are blessed with extensive park and parkway systems, among the best in the country, with iconic design. These parkway systems, envisioned by  H.W. S. Cleveland in the late 1800s have yet to be completed. In Minneapolis, there is a missing link in the less loved section east of the Mississippi River. A comprehensive study […]

Walker Street’s New Mystery Lanes

Walker Street in Saint Louis Park is one of the oldest streets in the suburb. Walker Street and Lake Street are Saint Louis Park’s original “main street” district. A block from that intersection is the city’s high school, varsity stadium, and an elementary Spanish language immersion school. With the TH 7/Louisiana Avenue intersection reconstruction complete, […]

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Sunday Summary – November 22, 2015

Last week, we highlighted our “Streets to the Max” fundraising push; this week, we invite you to our  2015 streets.fundraiser – Thursday, December 17th (click over to buy tickets) to take place “[r]ight next to Holidazzle in Loring Park!” with topical bingo, a silent auction, and yummy refreshments. is raising funds to upgrade this website […]

Themed Street Names

It’s whimsy to be sure, but I enjoy finding groups of streets whose names have a common theme. That’s different than the alphabets of Minneapolis and its western suburbs, or the newer alphabets of Dakota and Washington Counties. The classic, bucolic small town theme is trees. The Twin Cities suburbs have absorbed a series of freestanding small […]

Chart of the Day: Mortgage Interest Tax Subsidy Recipients

This chart is but a mere Tweet from a DC policy pro named Diane Yentel, about where the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction (a huge federal subsidy intended to boost home ownership) ends up. Here ’tis: She writes: About a quarter of federal housing subsidies assist low income renters. The rest go mostly to wealthy homeowners. There’s […]

Texting While Driving is Illegal and Dangerous, but People Still Do It

As Minnesota works to reduce the number of deaths and injuries due to traffic crashes, one of the biggest challenges is the growing number of crashes caused by distracted driving, especially texting and driving. In the last four years, almost a quarter of all crashes that resulted in a death or serious injury were attributed to […]

Chart of the Day: Bottineau Light Rail Cost Increases

Courtesy of Minnpost and the Met Council, here’s a pie chart showing the ballooning costs for the planned “Bottineau” LRT line going Northwest out of downtown Minneapolis. (It’s also known as the “blue line extension.”) A recent Met Council report raised the projected price tag from $1 to $1.5 billion, which is a lot. Here’s […]

Paris Cafe

Great Streets and Human Enjoyment

My goodness but people certainly drive fast in the United States; it sure makes streets unpleasant. That was my first impression upon returning home from a recent trip to Paris and London, and I was only crossing 38th Street, hardly the biggest or fastest street around! Then, just this past week, two non-urbanists in my life had negative […]