Chart of the day: Car2Go Pilot Performance in Minneapolis


The City of Minneapolis has a pilot program for a number of car-sharing providers to use on-street spaces. The pilot ends in February of 2016. The City posts results of the pilots. I’ve built some comparisons over time from those results for Car2Go. The chart above is total miles drive and number of trip starts.

Because 2014 was the first year of Car2Go service in Minneapolis, it’s not clear whether the dip in mileage in Q2 of 2015 is due to regular seasonal changes (people might bus or bike more in the summer vs. drive). Car2Go also added a new $1 fixed charge to every trip in June of 2015 which may have had an impact. In total in 2014, Car2Go users drove over 1.5 million miles.

Membership growth continues, and the company reports that an impressive 3.5% of Minneapolis residents are Car2Go members as of June 2015.

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