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Chart of the Day: State Transportation Spending Comps

Via Strong Towns, here’s a map that lets you compare state-by-state break-downs of how state agency transportation spending according to a few set categories. This shows the Minnesota breakdown of those categories, along with the state-by-state comparison for “new road capacity.” The caveat is that this data is really tricky to come by, and it’s […]

The Riverview Corridor and Transit in the Twin Cities

Since I started serving on the Technical Advisory Committee for the Riverview Corridor transit project, I’ve had a front row seat from which to view the planning process here in St Paul. This isn’t the first time I’ve served on a group like this, but it is the most intensive and serious effort so far. […]

Exclusionary Land Use Regulations and Income Segregation

Advocates for fair housing policies received a boost recently, thanks to a UCLA study which demonstrates a link between restrictive land use policies and income segregation within cities. Instead of focusing on the issue of “concentration of poverty,” the study identifies the primary problem as a geographic concentration of affluence brought about by overly restrictive, […]

Map Monday: Duluth c. 1887

Here’s a map of Duluth, via the great Perfect Duluth Day site, showing the city in 1887: For Minnesota, Duluth is a really old city with Native American, fur trading, and lots of industrial history. By the 1880s, the recession of the 1870s was over and the city was booming again. According to Wikipedia: In […]

Preparing for the Zero-Carbon Highway…and Parking Lot

In order to fight climate change, we’re heading into a zero-carbon future. This is a problem that needs to be tackled in part by making cities and neighborhoods that are more walkable and bikeable with good access to mass transportation, but it’s clear that many people and many places won’t make the shift to those […]

Sunday Summary – January 24, 2016

Headline news The Star Tribune’s January 19, 2016 story “Bicycle lobby to seek lower speed limit for cities in Minnesota” (and others with similar titles on other media outlets) predictably provoked the usual anti-bike backlash without really explaining the issue. Julie Kosbab provides a valuable public service in the latest “We Read the Comments” installment We Read the […]

Photo Essay: The Vacant Storefronts of Lyn-Lake

Lot going on in South Minneapolis lately! Just yesterday, the public got wind of two new proposals for buildings along the Midtown Greenway–five and six story buildings on both sides of Grand Avenue directly south of the Greenway. While there has recently been lots and lots of redevelopment west of Lyndale Avenue along what is […]

The Case of Bloomington’s Disappearing Street Lights

Street lights are disappearing in Bloomington. Last summer I noticed red spray-paint on a bunch of the poles on Lyndale Ave. Then they started to disappear. One day I drove out during my lunch hour, and crews were literally cutting them down with a Sawzall. An email to the city revealed that many of the […]

Hidden, but Not Really

June 26, 2015 19.96 miles (but I’m saying 20 miles) Macalester-Groveland, Summit-University, St. Anthony Park, Hamline-Midway When you mention Summit Avenue, most people think of the eastern part of the Avenue, home to the mansions built for industrialists like the Hills, Weyerhaeusers, and Ordways. Summit became the place favored to live by Saint Paul’s most […]

Chart of the Day: Golf Course Opportunity Costs

Via Strong Towns, here’s a very simple chart showing the potential revenue vs. actual revenue of a golf course in Madison, Wisconsin. In one column you have the potential tax revenue if you had developed a 42-acre golf course to the average of its surrounding neighborhood. In the other you have the payment in lieu […]