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Suburb-to-Suburb Express Bus Experiment

Four of the “opt-out” suburban transit authorities are joining forces in a bold experiment to crack the very difficult suburb-to-suburb commuter market. Starting January 19, new Route 494 will link Maple Grove, Plymouth, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie and Shakopee with rush hour express buses. The new route is actually three sub-routes. Maple Grove Transit Center to […]

Map Monday: US Road Fatalities, 2004 – 2013

Via Citylab, here’s an interactive map showing all the deaths on roads for the entire country for a decade. A data researcher named Max Galka made it, and it has over 370,000 data points, one for each fatality. Wow. I zoomed in on Central Minnesota here. Duluth and Lake Superior are at the top right. […]

The Maroon Line - Engineering Sketch

The Maroon Line

Imagine you had a University with two major campuses connected by an exclusive right-of-way. Imagine the University sends buses back and forth on this transitway at 5 minute intervals during peak times. Imagine the transitway carries 3,197,701 riders per year (2012 numbers via The Transit Camera). Imagine it passes by undeveloped and underdeveloped land. Imagine it cost $6,080,021 […]

Minneapolis Property Taxes are High. Why?

Among urbanists, it’s basically an accepted Truth that more compact development patterns reduce public expenditures per resident. Fewer lane miles and feet of pipe per resident means lower tax bills, while also making it possible for services to cover more residents with the same physical infrastructure (police or fire stations, etc). There’s a whole organization around the idea based in […]

Sunday Summary – January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!  We are still in the holiday lull here at with even fewer new posts than last week. Fortunately, there’s much wonderful past content to add to this week’s conversation and I’ve linked a few posts which seemed to fit. 15 things I’ve Learned in 1500 Miles of Stroller Running is a listicle […]

15 things I’ve Learned in 1500 Miles of Stroller Running

It’s way easier to get a child into a stroller than a car seat. Most Minnesota drivers ignore the crosswalk laws. But they’re more likely to stop for you when you have a stroller. There are two interpretations of this pattern. Strollers genuinely make you more visible. Or, there’s a lot of chosen ignorance of […]