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Dream a Little Dream of Me: Minneapolis’s 10th Ave Bridge

Recently the 89th Minnesota Legislature reconvened to start what certainly bodes to be an important session in regards to transportation legislation.  There’s already been some good rhetorical talk about the best ways to ask for money and there has already been a great deal of city plans asking for money. I’ll let the grad students and college […]

Five Ideas to Help Fund Minneapolis Street Reconstructions

Over at the Star Tribune, Steve Brandt did a great job covering the looming Minneapolis residential street reconstruction funding crisis. I’m grateful for the coverage, since the city’s presentation on the matter is a little light on narrative, and not everyone can attend city council meetings to hear the details and political opinions. In a […]

Then and Now: Graeser Park, aka Robbinsdale Rockgarden Roadside Parking Area

Twin Cities Then and Now: Graeser Park (also known as Robbinsdale Rockgarden Roadside Parking Area), Highway 100 and Broadway Avenue, Robbinsdale (1940/2016) shown ca. 1940 and today. Photos by me and the Minnesota Historical Society Crossposted at the Stuff About Minneapolis tumblr.

Sunday Summary – March 20, 2016

Today is the first day of Spring and it’s rather an early one in Minnesota. Each season is a good “street season,” but Spring is the one in which we start walking and biking more, we get to know our parks again, street trees begin to shade and cool our walks, construction season begins, and […]

Musings on Route 7

We recently moved to North Minneapolis from Detroit, Michigan (via a one-year stint in Northeast Minneapolis), and as a result, I am now a semi-regular rider of Route 7 for my daily commute. Compared to the 10 in Northeast, it’s a bit of a sleepy route, with only a 30 minute headway, and rarely is […]

National Summer Transportation Institute (Transportation Summer Camp)

Important Dates Institute dates & times: July 11-22, 2016 (9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday) Application deadline: April 1, 2016 Applicants informed of admission: April 29, 2016 About the Institute Are you interested in learning about science, engineering, and transportation in an interactive, hands-on environment? Do you want to explore careers and education opportunities related […]

Short and Long Term Ideas for Humanizing Hi-Lake

Have you ever tried to cross Hiawatha at East Lake Street on foot or by bike? If you ever do, remember to budget some extra time to cross the five lanes of traffic, which include two lanes where right-turning cars are not required to stop. As if there was any question about who is welcome […]

Woonerf in Delft

Follow the Red Brick Road

This blog is about streets and yet we rarely talk about pavements, the road surface itself. The most common materials are bituminous asphalt and concrete, with asphalt more common on low volume local roads and concrete on higher volume freeways. The general reputation is that concrete is stronger and longer lasting but more expensive and […]

View of downtown St. Paul from Cherokee Avenue

Beer Walk: Wabasha Brewing Company

My husband Scott and I have been combining our mutual love of walking and beer since our first date. Since we’re in the middle of a brewery/cidery/distillery boom in the Twin Cities, it seems like we add a new destination to our walk wish list once a month. (Read “Create a Personal Walking/Biking/Rolling Wishlist” for wishlist ideas). […]