Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Affordable Housing Income Conundrum in the Twin Cities

Seven years ago, I moved to the Twin Cities to start graduate school. The offer I received from the department was straightforward: Work with some great minds, with a full tuition benefit, and live on a fixed income for at least nine months out of the year. The income was set to about 150% of […]

Minneapolis Neighborhood with 4plexes

Inclusionary Zoning: Understandable Politics, Terrible Policy

Inclusionary zoning–a local government mandate that some new developments set aside some housing units at an “affordable” price point–is being discussed in Minnesota. Several Minneapolis council members have been supportive of an inclusionary zoning ordinance, and the council gave notice at the end of last year that they’re studying inclusionary zoning with an eye towards […]

Your MN United Midway Stadium Parking Explainer

Where will Minnesota United FC fans park? That question promises to be with us for a while. Brian Quarstad and Alex Schieferdecker examine where fans will park, and why Midway redevelopment the site plan doesn’t seem to provide it. “But what about the parking?” Brian: The question of parking is one we’ve seen a lot […]

Chart of the Day: Sustainable Transportation in the USA vs. Germany

Passed on from a reader, and from this Citylab article, a simple side-by-side comparison of the USA and Germany. Check out some of the transportation stats:   It’s not that the Germans don’t love cars. In fact, I hear they have a few car companies there, and sort-of invented the modern day freeway. Here’s what […]

Gold Medal Flour sign on the Mill City Museum

A Spring-Like Walk to a Writers’ Workshop

On Saturday, February 27, I attended the second annual writers’ workshop and thanks to the 58° temperature, I took my time getting there on foot to remember what it feels like to shed my winter gear. This post is a recap of my journey to the workshop but I would be remiss if I didn’t pass […]

Advocacy Maxims for 2016

As the snow began to melt away this weekend and Punxsutawney Phil chuckled lightly to himself over his secret long standing pen pal relationship with Paul Huttner, I donned my beloved summer bicycle and started to pedal while contemplating the beginning of another season: Advocacy season. As we stare down the barrel of a new (and […]