Come to the Fundraiser – We Went to Costco For You!


Tonight is the annual fundraiser and I would love to see many, if not all of you there. I want to see you all there because:

-Metropolitan Council Chair Adam Duininck will be there and he is ~very~ dreamy.

-The fundraiser is located in the central location of downtown Minneapolis with excellent access to LRT + buses + new bike lanes + the highly walkable Mississippi Riverfront + new downtown uber zone

-Devin Hogan crafted a beautiful Microsoft Word Template invite with snowflakes and everything!

-We will have a 50/50 raffle. This means that you could quite literally win quadruple what you donate to the raffle. You donate, we combine it, raffle it, winner gets half the pot. It’s so easy and has the potential to be quite rewarding for all parties!

-Bill Lindeke somehow secured a beer donation from Bang Brewing and I can personally attest that their beer is delicious.

-Dana DeMaster wants you to write for!! Or at least she’ll talk over the idea with you.

-Lastly, but most importantly, Chris Iverson and I went to Costco for all of you. I went on a Tuesday night and it was literal insanity and I kept asking if things came in smaller packaging so obviously I must not really get their business model. We purchased some very delicious, name brand food items! We all purchased more beer and also some LaCroix for those on trend and Izze for those who are feeling a little bourgeois but not too much!

See you all tonight, friends. RSVP here.


“I can’t believe I had to go to Costco. Now I am full of ennui.”

2 thoughts on “Come to the Fundraiser – We Went to Costco For You!

  1. Peter Bajurny

    Eventbrite says I don’t have permission to the event, but regardless I’ve changed my stance from earlier in the week, and I’ll be there!

    Looking forward to explaining your property taxes to anybody that wants to listen.

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