The Trolley Problem (video)

A neat, short, animated video explaining the trolley problem in the context of autonomous vehicles and military drones.

A thought experiment in ethics. Vid for TED Ed

Eoin Duffy

Eleanor Nelsen

David Kamp –

Eoin Duffy
Tyler Morgan
Super Dasil
Hovsepyan Karen
Cooper Custom
Pranavjit Virdi

Addison Anderson

Gerta Xhelo

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One Response to The Trolley Problem (video)

  1. Ron January 22, 2017 at 3:07 pm #

    How about the angry mob problem? If an angry mob approaches your car with intent to harm, should you be able to force your autonomous car to run over and possibly kill people to get out of harms way? Would you think the same if it was a criminal in the car and police officers approaching?

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