Sunday Summary – January 22, 2017

sunday-summary-logoAs noted in last week’s Summary, the board met last weekend, but this week, Board Member Dana DeMaster tells more with Board Update: Creating Connection through Membership: “On Saturday, January 14, the board of directors met and the main topic on the agenda was how to grow a better membership program. For the board, the first goal of a membership program is to develop a stronger relationship with readers, writers, and other users of The second goal is the fiscal strength of the organization and having a consistent source of income.” The post reviews the results of a recent survey and lists some next steps, but you can help by adding your voice in the comment section (on Dana’s post or below); we’d love to hear from you!

Stories of the week

Sam Newberg reviews Urban Design and Grocery Stores by seizing the opportunity presented by plans for grocery store proposed as part of the mixed-use development at 46th and Hiawatha: “Grocery stores are complicated due to issues of customer access, parking, and truck delivery, and walkability and good urban design is sometimes sacrificed. Let’s look at some considerations for the 46th Street store.” Take a virtual walk to look at some current examples of urban grocery stores (Twin Cities and beyond) and think about how each has managed the issues listed followed by recommendations for the new 46th and Hiawatha store.

School Children Beg Dog Owners: Pick Up The Poop is a photo essay documenting a recent walk home in Loring Park when Nick Magrino ‘noticed something…incredibly good. Tens of hand drawn photos, asking, imploring, pleading area residents to stop letting their dogs shit all over the school grounds and the sidewalk where the buses queue up in the morning and afternoon.” A good reminder for all of us to be thoughtful participants in public life by limiting our negative impacts on others whether that’s picking up the poop, shoveling your sidewalk, or other small bit of public service.

Bill Lindeke gives us My Top Five Twin Cities Walking Streets and Why and here are the streets: (1) Nicollet Avenue between Franklin and 29th, (2) Payne Avenue, between Maryland and Phalen Boulevard, (3) Selby Avenue (especially between Summit and Lexington), (4) 13th Avenue Northeast, between Washington and Marshall, and (5) 1st Avenue North, between Washington Avenue and 10th Street. For photos and the “why” you’ll have to read the post. Commenters asked for a “worst five” list and a list of the five that almost but didn’t make the top five list as well as providing some additional detail and critique of the five that made the cut.


Quick looks

Links: National Links: Tolling for Trips in Louisville is the latest roundup of links from The Direct Transfer.

Video: The Trolley Problem (video) is a quick introduction to Phillipa Foot’s trolley problem with applications for self-driving cars.

And that’s the week on We really do mean it when we want your input – as a member, writer, or volunteer; please think about telling us what you think.


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