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Map Monday: Noise Maps of Minnesota and the Twin Cities

A while ago I came across an interactive noise map of the globe. Punch in a location and it pops up a map. Zooming out to a state-level seems to remove the noise data, this is a large as I could screen grab. Interesting to see this above noise map rates industrial zoned for consideration […]

Let’s Make Arcade Street a Walkable Neighborhood Center

Most older cities, including Saint Paul, have a downtown center that is distinguished by greater density and mixture of uses. On a smaller scale, many neighborhoods have a center where there is a greater concentration of commercial activity. In Payne-Phalen that neighborhood center is Arlington Hills, and the commercial concentration is along Payne Avenue and […]

Podcast #99: Minneapolis Ward 1 with City Council Candidate Jillia Pessenda

The podcast this week is a conversation with Jillia Pessenda, a community organizer who is running for city council representing Minneapolis’ Ward 1 in the northeast corner of the city. We sat down a few weeks ago at Maya Cuisine on Central Avenue to chat about her background and her campaign, affordable housing in Minneapolis, […]

Podcast #98: Minneapolis Ward 11 with City Council Candidate Jeremy Schroeder

The podcast this week is a conversation with Jeremy Schroeder, a director of a non-profit focused on affordable housing. Schroeder is running for City Council in Ward 11, on the city border in South Minneapolis. We sat down a few months ago at the Wild Mind Ales brewery to talk about his background, the Twin […]

Sunday Summary – April 2, 2017

Welcome to April!  Today we’re back to business here at, but April Fools’ Day did happen here at with posts (National Park-In Protest and Neighbors Embrace New Oil Refinery for Ford Site) where humor helps highlight the issues important at This week, the Minneapolis DFL holds caucuses for Minneapolis Mayor and City Council […]

Neighbors Embrace New Oil Refinery for Ford Site

St. Paul, Minnesota — residents of the Highland Park neighborhood have been struggling for months against an outrageous proposal to redevelop the Ford Site with business, homes, and public green space. Today, Neighbors for a Livable St. Paul announced the results of their successful campaign to preserve neighborhood character. Instead of unsightly urban apartment homes, the industrial legacy […]

A National Park-In Protest

On April 15, the group “Citizens for Roads Asphalt and Parking” (C.R.A.P.) is participating in a “National Park-in” to protest the lack of free parking in American Cities. Protest participants will drive to downtowns across the country and park their cars in metered spaces or parking lots without paying. Some may even park in the […]