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The LED Streetlights Are Here

The Dawn of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Previously I covered the cobrahead streetlights of the Twin Cities. Well, they’re almost gone. The thousands of high pressure sodium MnDOT lights on the freeways have been converted to LED (light emitting diodes) and the 90,000 Xcel energy lights are in the process of being converted. So it’s […]

Podcast #102: A Pedestrian Future for Downtown Minneapolis with Leif Pettersen

The podcast this week is a conversation with Leif Pettersen, a travel writer and tourist public relations professional who lives in downtown Minneapolis. We sat down a few weeks ago in the Minneapolis skyway system to chat about a recent op-ed he wrote in the Star Tribune, calling for the creation of pedestrian-only streets downtown. We […]

Sunday Summary – July 9, 2017

By the next Sunday Summary, the annual picnic will be over and I can summarize what you missed. Wouldn’t it be more fun to join us at The Summer Picnic is July 15! (and the short, informal meeting with the board beforehand) than just read about it later?  A short holiday week means a smaller haul of […]

Southeastern Columbia Park: Golf Course, Rail Yards, Cemetery, etc.

Although this walk covered about the same number of miles of street as the previous one, it covered several times as many square miles of area. That’s because I walked the perimeters of two large, roadless areas. The northern part of this walk looped around Columbia Park itself, that is, the park (largely a golf […]

Real Public Engagement

In a recent post, Jason Brisson highlights the conflict between “top-down” planning, where experts provide the direction for a project, and “bottom-up” planning, where community members drive (ha, ha, drive, get it?) the project. I do not think this is an either/or issue where technocrats tell a community what it needs versus a community, no […]

Should City Planners Let People Kill Themselves?

This question is implied or encroached upon in nearly every modern planning conversation, but is not as often discussed directly. I think we should acknowledge it and talk about it openly. I will discuss this question in the context of the model city planners refer to as “bottom-up” city planning, give an example and then briefly […]

Trump Infrastructure Plan Needs A Better Funding Source

President Trump has a plan to pay for $1 trillion in infrastructure improvements over the next 10 years through various pseudo privatization schemes. There are still a lot of unknowns but the basic gist is; a private corporation is given rights to build and maintain some bit of infrastructure (or given existing infrastructure to care […]

Map of Lowry Hill East and Whittier neighborhoods from 2016

Sunday Summary – July 2, 2017

The Summer Picnic is July 15! which means it’s getting closer. will provide grill-ables (animal and vegetable); you bring conversation, food you’d like to share, and your friends. board members will also host an informal meeting for about an hour before the picnic with updates on the organization and giving you a chance […]