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What Would You Say to the Mayor Elect (Round Three)

Hopefully everyone has been following this series over the past few days.  It’s time for the third and final letter from the Urban Currents series “Dear Mayor-Elect … Congratulation, Now The Work Begins” Urban Currents series event. The author, Eleonore Wesserle, is Director of Narrative Strategy with Line Break Media, where she helps build the capacity for organizations and individuals […]

What Would You Say to the Mayor Elect (Round Two)

It’s day two in this post-election series!  Today’s letter was also presented at Cuningham Group’s “Dear Mayor-Elect … Congratulation, Now The Work Begins” Urban Currents series event. The author, Alissa Luepke Pier, is a resident of North Minneapolis and a national award-winning architect. She received her Master of Architecture degree with a thesis entitled “Architecture and Game […]

What Would You Say to the Mayor-Elect? (Round One)

It’s post-election recovery time in Minneapolis (and St. Paul)!  Residents and businesses across the core of our metro area are digesting what the changes in leadership will mean, and at Cuningham Group, that turned into hosting an event called “Dear Mayor-Elect … Congratulation, Now The Work Begins” as part of their Urban Currents series.  I was […]

Sunday Summary – December 24, 2017

‘Twas the night before Christmas and out on the street, not a creature was stirring…and that’s where my imagination runs out. And the year is running out, too – next week’s Sunday Summary will be on the last day of 2017. If you are in the habit of making year-end donations to organizations you value, […]

a bollard

A Festivus

Tomorrow is Festivus! In the spirit of the celebration, we thought we’d start a round of Streets Festivus. Play along with us! The Festivus Pole We shall start the observance with a pole. While the traditional Festivus pole is aluminum, we feel that a proper streets Festivus pole for 2017 is a bollard. A bollard, […]

Barriers to Bike Share Equity in St. Paul

As the Twin Cities embarks on the next iteration of bike share, it’s important to note a few things as it relates to current plans. In September, Nice Ride Minnesota let an RFP for an operator to come into the Twin Cities and operate the current Nice Ride station-based system until 2010 – or the […]

Chart of the Day: Retail Spending Trends in Wausau

Yes, I know Wausau is in Wisconsin, but this Wall Street Journal article seems both locally important and interesting, and Wisconsin seems close enough to Minnesota right now. Check out this chart, showing growth in online retail in Wausau, Wisconsin, and the US: One big takeaway is that people seem to like small, local businesses, […]

Western Diamond Lake

A beautiful spring day welcomed me back to the Diamond Lake neighborhood. Having walked nearly everything east of Portland Avenue on my first three days, I was able to focus on the area to the west. This avenue makes a natural dividing line because the areas to the west were platted and developed separately from those to the […]

Map Monday: Cutting Board Neighborhoods of Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Via Scott Shaffer’s Twitter feed, here’s a wooden map for you. It’s a cutting board available for sale under the “Totally Bamboo” brand, that features the different neighborhoods of Minneapolis and Saint Paul Here’s the map, followed by some cutting remarks: OK, so… Minneapolis famously has way too many neighborhoods. Over 80, at last count, […]

Minneapolis By Night

Sunday Summary – December 17, 2017

A Festive Thanks For the Winter Fundraiser! and to all of you who attended and/or donated to at our annual festive fundraising festivities. Although the fun is over, we still need your support to fund website upgrades and to hire a creative person to help support all our volunteer writers. There’s a newly orange […]