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Duluth Winnipeg Railroad Map

Map Monday: Duluth & Winnipeg Railroad Map, c. 1881

Via Perfect Duluth Day, here’s a map showing an early railroad connection from Duluth to the northwest, all the way to Winnipeg. This was right in the middle of the era when both cities were booming. Here’s the map, which also shows early railroad era connections from Duluth into Wisconsin: And an expandable close-up of […]

Me with rainbow light up cape, lit up bike, and custom lawn sign with "#bancars" on it

Sunday Summary – August 19, 2018

  Transportation of various kinds Train: A Regional Rail System for the Twin Cities by- Erik Ecklund follows his earlier post about rapid transit routes (find it here) with consideration of regional rail saying, “Regional rail can be successful in Minnesota, and despite the Northstar not reaching ridership projections it has done adequately with the bad hand it […]

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Walking All the Streets of South(east)ern Hawthorne

Having previously walked everything north of 26th Avenue North and east of Lyndale Avenue North, I thought I’d analogously walk the southeast corner and then the remaining strip west of Lyndale. But that turned out to be a rather uneven division of the mileage, so I added some of the west-of-Lyndale portion to the southeastern portion. I’m […]

Stp Average Rent Chart Cu

Chart of the Day: Saint Paul Average Rent by Unit Size

Here’s a info-packed chart from Saint Paul’s latest Marketwatch report — this one subtitled “Trends in the unsubsidized multifamily rental market” — showing average rents for different apartments of different sizes, along with the 60% AMI level for the city. Voila: The full document, available here, has a lot more charts about the state of […]

Regional Rail

A Regional Rail System for the Twin Cities

Following my post on potential Twin Cities rapid transit routes, which you can find here, next is the topic of regional/commuter rail in the Twin Cities region. Minnesota has one example of regional rail; the Northstar Line between Minneapolis and Big Lake in the northwest region operating on existing BNSF Railway track. The Northstar Line is how […]

Podcast #118: Driver Behavior at Saint Paul Crosswalks with Nichole Morris

Today I’m bringing you our 118th episode, a conversation with Dr. Nichole Morris. Dr. Morris is the director of the HumanFIRST Laboratory at the University of Minnesota, and is a researcher and scholar who focuses on the intersection of transportation, technology, and behavior. We sat down a few months ago in her office at the […]

many many cyclists at a stop light waiting to cross lake street

Powderhorn 24 is Awesome

Powderhorn 24 is an annual community event that is an all-night 24 hour bike ride around the Powderhorn neighborhood, and has been going on since 2011. It’s about having fun, riding bikes, and building community. This year, I was able to participate! It started Friday the 10th at 6:30 and went until Saturday the 11th […]

Charts of the Day: Commuting Habits of Minneapolis Residents

Via the Metropolitan Council, today we look at the commuting habits of Minneapolis Residents. Source data is the Census, and the American Community Survey, as well as Met Council forecasting models. Share of telecommuters has increased over time, but carpool is down from a peak in the 2000 Census. “Other Means” is also up over […]

Potomac Street Baltimore

National Links: Changing the Fire Code

Every day at The Overhead Wire we collect news about cities and send the links to our email list.  At the end of the week we take some of the most popular stories and post them to Greater Greater Washington, a group blog similar to that focuses on urban issues in the DC region.  […]

West Saint Paul Grimace

West St. Paul’s Medians, Tunnels, and Sidewalks Depend on this City Council Race

In the upcoming West St. Paul City Council primary, there are divergent views on important urban design issues like medians, tunnels, and sidewalks. All of those crucial decisions will come to a head next week, because there’s a four-way race for a ward 3 city council seat that will be narrowed down in a primary […]