Join us on the Northstar Holiday Train December 15!

Northstar Train at Union Depot

Northstar Train at Union Depot, December 9, 2017. Picture courtesy Metro Transit.

Metro Transit and BNSF are offering a holiday train to St. Paul Union Depot again! As last year, is doing a small event for those that wish to ride it. It was quite an enjoyable ride, with some trackage normally not used for current commuter service (though we can always discuss how it should be used for future commuter or intercity rail service!)

We’ll be meeting at Target Field Station at 3:40 PM to board the train northbound that departs at 4:00 PM. Beforehand, we’ll have a casual meet-up starting around 2:30 PM at Fulton Brewing just two blocks west of Target Field Station.

Once onboard the train, we’ll be getting off at Elk River, approximately at 4:37 PM, to transfer to the holiday train which departs Elk River at approximately 4:50 PM. Unfortunately, the Northstar schedule is not conducive to doing the turn in Big Lake as we did last year. Arrival at Union Depot is scheduled for 6 PM.

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