International Winter Bike to Work Day 2019

Friday, February 8th: a great day to enjoy some winter bicycling with people around the world. It’s International Winter Bike to Work Day!
Arrive at work with some snowflakes on your coat, frozen eyelashes, and enjoy bicycle benefits like:
Teal bicycle with snowy bike path, ice-covered Mississippi river, and bridges in the distance

Biking to work on a snowy day in St. Paul


Commit to ride your bike to work and check the Winter Bike to Work Day Twitter account for photos and stories from your fellow cyclists around the world.


Close up of bicycle with black bar mitt on handlebar, covered with tiny six-pointed snowflakes of various shapes.

Perfectly formed snowflakes on my bicycle bar mitt


Need some tips on biking to work? Please comment here with your questions, or reference some previous posts:


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4 thoughts on “International Winter Bike to Work Day 2019

  1. Melissa WenzelMelissa Wenzel

    I normally work from home on Fridays but will go into the office to honor International Winter Bike to Work Day. I hear we might be in for another cold snap. Good thing many of us already know how to bike in cold weather!!

  2. Melissa WenzelMelissa Wenzel

    As long as it’s not freezing rain during the commute, I’m biking!! Oh, all right, I’ll figure out something for that too….luckily temps will be low enough to not worry about that.

    1. Jenny WernessJenny Werness Moderator   Post author

      Freezing rain is my least favorite winter weather, that’s for sure. But on the other hand, it often makes for gorgeous trees to look at!

      I’m thinking of putting on one yak-trak for icy days. Studs for my feet!

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