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It Can’t Happen Here

Because we, the righteous, live in the blessed Midwest, we do not face Godโ€™s Wrath We are protected against all such natural disasters. CNN can entertain us with Disaster Porn while we comfortably eat popcorn in our homes. The local news can try to frighten us with โ€œSuperstorm Sandy, can it happen here?โ€ stories, […]

Paved with good intentions

How can a country that is so wealthy be in such enormous debt? How can a country that can build such marvelous transportation systems not find the money to sustain them? How can a people that enjoyed decades of unrivaled economic hegemony โ€” staggering levels of growth beyond anything seen in human history โ€” […]

Chasin’ the Train

[…] is something Iโ€™ve done many times before. (For example, If a 94 is pulling away just ahead of you on Minnesota Street, if you really hurry you can race up and meet it at 10th and Cedar. Same goes for the train, at least in theory.)
So I biked as hard as I could […]

Morningside Edina Passes the Trick-or-Treat Walkability Test

How can you tell if a neighborhood is safe, friendly, walkable, & successful? Advocates for great streets & neighborhoods look for clues as to what makes neighborhoods great, so what are some clues?
Kids are often used as an โ€œindicator speciesโ€โ€“meaning, if kids use it, it must be greatโ€“and a common test is the Trick-or-Treat […]

Muckraking on West River Parkway

A lot of magic can happen in nine months: A woman can create life. A child can pass through puberty (well, sort of).ย A Vikings team can win a Super Bowl. But to make West River Parkway safe again for traffic? Unfortunately it will take well over a year.
It wasnโ€™t originally supposed to be so. […]

Street Parking


time for change sign

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