Map of 1889 Sewers in Minneapolis

The Latest from Historyapolis: Why Sewers are Great

Today’s Historyapolis blog post was contributed by Kevin Ehrman-Solberg, a senior history major at Augsburg College.  This 1889 maps shows the sewer system of Minneapolis. Today Minneapolitans take safe drinking water and flushing toilets for granted. During the Gilded Age, however, city-dwellers were not so fortunate. Like cities around the world, Minneapolis was grappling […]

Map Monday: HOLC Redlining Map of Minneapolis

Via Historyapolis, here’s one of the most important Minneapolis maps you’ll ever see, a section of the original Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) map of Minneapolis from the 1930s. Detailed segment of 1930s HOLC “risk” maps showing Minneapolis’ near north side. The areas shaded red were deemed too hazardous for federally-back loans; most of […]

Map Monday: Minneapolis Racial Covenants in 1951

Historyapolis‘ amazing work on the history of racism and real estate in the Twin Cities continues with this map showing racial covenants in Minneapolis over time. Here’s the cumulative total (so far!) from 1951.   Racial covenants were part of a suite of racist practices and policies that profoundly shaped Northern cities in the 20th century. […]

Sunday Summary – May 11, 2014

[…] adopted Complete Streets policies (see Part 1 and Part 2 of a series on implementing Complete Streets, too). Continuing themes and series:  A new addition to the Historyapolis Project (earlier posts here): The Latest from Historyapolis: Why Sewers are Great.  CM Glidden’s Thoughts on 2320 Colfax is a detailed response from 8th Ward Council representative Elizabeth […]

View of the Minneapolis skyline from St. Anthony Bridge

Sunday Summary – December 4, 2016

[…] looks Map: Map Monday: Minneapolis Racial Covenants in 1951 is from Historyapolis and their work on the history of racism in the Twin Cities (we’ve featured a few other posts from/about Historyapolis, too). Links: National Links: Urban Mind Control, Driving Revolutions, and More! is the latest batch of carefully curated links from The Direct Transfer. And that’s the week on […]

Image of Sunday Summary logo

Sunday Summary – November 8, 2015

In the last week, we’ve observed Election Day (Saint Paul City Council Ward 2 election results still not quite settled), Guy Fawkes Day (410th Anniversary of the foiled Gunpowder Plot), and the House passed a $325 billion Transportation Bill (but doesn’t quite know where all the money will come from). The last week on also saw […]

Lost Neighborhoods and Forgotten Archives

[…] recorded in any official histories, published documents or even newspaper reports. Records on the 4th floor of Minneapolis City Hall, 1936. For the rest of this month, Historyapolis is going to bring you some of the highlights from this collection. Only a handful of people are familiar with these holdings, which should be recognized […]

Cedar-Riverside 1: Bohemian Flats, Seven Corners, Cedar East, and Riverside Plaza

[…] Grace Stevens’s 1915 map of “Social Factors in Seven Corners District.” (She was the socially-concerned librarian of the Seven Corners branch library, as described in Kirsten Delegard’s Historyapolis post.) The map covers a broader area, but I’ve excerpted the relevant portion below. The key seems to be to focus on the triangle I’ve marked […]