Why I Do Not Support Move MN

Back in 2011, I coined the term “infrastructure cult,” not to be bombastic but to highlight a destructive mindset that has crept deep into the cultural narrative of America. The notion, fully captured by fellow Minnesotan Tom Friedman in his book, That Used to Be Us, is simple: investments in infrastructure create growth, jobs and prosperity. […]

Why I Support Move MN

Minnesota Transportation Bill Basics The Republican-controlled House has passed a transportation bill that uses General Fund money to support billions in new road funding, cuts transit, and ignores walking and biking. The DFL-controlled Senate has passed a transportation bill that uses a gas tax increase to support billions in new road funding, a metro-area sales […]

Podcast #60 – The Pros (and Cons) of the Move MN Bill

The podcast this week is a conversation with a round table of streets.mn writers all about Move MN, the new transportation bill at the Minnesota Legislature this year. The bill raises money for roads using a statewide tax on wholesale gasoline, and raises money for transit using a metro area sales tax. It’s supported by […]

Move MN is a Good Compromise

Last week I wrote a column about Move MN, the transportation bill at the legislature, calling it a “litmus test for pragmatism.” Here was the punchline: If I were a legislator representing Saint Paul, at this point I’d remain on the fence about the Move MN legislation. I’d work hard to get MNDOT to commit […]

Move MN is a Litmus Test for Pragmatism

How you feel about the Move MN proposal tells you a lot about your politics. I don’t mean the overblown left-right spectrum. Rather, Move MN serves as a litmus test for the politics of compromise. Are you an idealist or a pragmatist? How optimistic are you about the future of the liberal state economy? Do […]

What is Move MN?

There has been a lot of buzz statewide about the Move MN campaign as the start of the legislative session on February 25th nears. Move MN has been covered by the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, MinnPost, City Pages and several outstate newspapers – visit this page for a roundup. As someone familiar with Move MN […]

Hello from your New streets.mn Part-time Editor

Dear streets.mn readers, I’m the new part-time editor of streets.mn, and I’m going to outline some of what I plan to do in this role, but first, let me tell you a little about how I came to be interested in transit and street safety. I got into commuting as a cyclist in my late […]

Minnesota State Capitol

Forget Big Dreams – What Would You Settle For?

In case you missed it, there was a bit of a civil war on streets.mn last legislative session following dueling columns about the 2015 transportation proposal and its advocacy coalition, Move MN. Ethan Fawley, executive director of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, kicked things off with a piece called “Why I Support Move MN.” Strong Towns […]