How to Improve the Urbanism of the New Vikings Stadium

The Stadium Implementation Committee meets July 18 and several more times in to September to advise on key design decisions related to the new Vikings stadium in downtown Minneapolis. This post is primarily concerned about the relationship of the stadium to its surrounding urban environment. In late May Oslund & Associates presented the landscape plan for the stadium, […]

Minnesota Vikings Stadium Needs Better Urban Design

The architecture of the Minnesota Vikings Stadium: take it or leave it? Personally, I think it looks like a cross between a laser jet printer, a drunk Frank Gehry and something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. This is not a compliment. However, be this as it may, preference on architectural styling, no one should […]

Why the New Stadium Won’t Save Downtown East, and Why That’s a Good Thing

Much of the discussion leading up to the Great Stadium Decision of 2012 had to do with whether or not a new Minnesota Vikings stadium in downtown Minneapolis would be the economic boon that downtown so badly needs in order to attract the 70,000 new residents the city hopes to house there by 2025 (not […]

Are Vikings Whitewashing Bird Droppings Issue?

There are many big unanswered questions associated with the new stadium being constructed for the Minnesota Vikings. How will we pay for our new sports palace if iPad gambling problems continue? Will we be able to host a Super Bowl, so Johnny Manziel and the rest of the Vikings can enjoy home field advantage? Will […]

Vikings Stadium

Free Idea: Keep Branding Off Vikings Stadium, Add It With CGI for TV Broadcasts

Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke once wrote that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. For example, right now, there is a robot the size of a small truck driving around Mars shooting lasers at rocks. One other thing humans have figured out is the so-called “1st & Ten” line. In American football–a […]

What could $6.5 million mean to Metro Transit?

If you haven’t heard, the Vikings and the Met Council looking at partnering to build a pedestrian bridge that would lead directly from the new Vikings stadium to the Track 1 platform of Downtown East station. The reason this bridge is being constructed is that on event days (let’s be real, they mean Vikings game days), a lot […]


Model of downtown Minneapolis and the new Vikings stadium.

Building A Mixed Use, Neighborhood Stadium

When I was a junior in college, I studied abroad in Oslo, Norway. I lived in a student housing village a distance away from campus, nearer to the vast woods in the city’s backyard than to the bustling center. The closest landmark to my flat was Ullevål Stadion, the national stadium and home to Vålerenga IF, the local […]