snow emergency app

Our Winter Sidewalks Are Broken

Snow emergencies are a big deal here in Minneapolis. You hear about it on the TV news. There’s an app–tens of thousands of people have installed it on both iPhone and Android (“avoid the cost and hassle of a ticket and tow…”). People are very interested in not having their cars towed, so people become very interested in […]


Destination Motley – A New Type of Minneapolis Neighborhood

It wasn’t until a month or so ago when I first heard about Motley. It’s the neighborhood, gateway, destination area thing just east of the U. That was my understanding, anyway. There was a U of M + Motley Open Streets in September and many including myself were just wondering exactly what is Motley? Here’s a […]

Sunday Summary – January 21, 2018

Last January, we published the first of Max Hailperin’s alphabetical walks through Minneapolis neighborhoods with Armatage (take another walk with him below) as well as a couple of posts about winter sidewalks which are always relevant in the winter here (winter storm on the way as I write this). Also from the archives, you can […]

Sunday Summary – January 29, 2017

As we screech to the end of January, we have posts about upcoming projects giving you a chance to get involved as well as bigger inspiration about changing the world one bicycle at a time. For the first time, the board has sent out an invitation to all of you to volunteer to join the […]

Sunday Summary – January 8, 2017

Happy New Year!  The Summary took a little holiday, so this post collects three weeks of good stuff.  Looking ahead, is holding a Backyard Ice Skating: The How-to and Why fundraiser on Sunday, January 22.  Billed as a SIMBY – skate in my backyard – event, this is a chance to skate, eat and […]