Green Line Signal Priority Q&A

As the Green Line opened on June 14th, most of us were just excited to finally have a new service plying the busy Central Corridor area, but many were keeping an eye on their clocks and watches, checking its speed against the schedules that had been posted a couple of weeks earlier. On opening weekend, […]

Improving LRT Signal Timing in Downtown Minneapolis

Although St. Paul’s traffic signals deserve most of the blame for slowing the Green Line, there’s room for improvement in Minneapolis as well. To be fair, Minneapolis deserves praise for its signal timing through the University of Minnesota campus, where trains are seldom delayed. They’ve also established a very good progression for westbound trains from […]

Westgate Station

Green Line, Green Lights

Suppose you have a train moving along (parallel to) an East-West (EW) signalized arterial. Case 1: If the signals are pre-timed, and the timings are known in advance, the train should never have to stop for the signals (aside from emergency signal pre-emptions and other edge cases). Instead, the train should be able to adjust its speed […]

Sunday Summary – July 13, 2014

New series: Transpo Convo with Mohamed is the first post in a series interviewing people about their transportation choices and habits.  This inaugural conversation includes discussion of Twin Cities bike infrastructure, transit pricing plus some comparisons with Nairobi. Green Line coverage, continued: Green Line Signal Priority Q&A asks the geeky questions about Transit Signal Priority with […]

Please check schedules

The Evolution of the Green Line: A Retrospective

Metro Transit’s Green Line opened in June, 2014. While ridership almost immediate beat “expectations“1, and the line was quickly declared “a success“, at first there were still bugs in the works related to traffic signal timings and thus overall run-time and reliability, and safety. Though the planners felt this line on the map was permanently drawn, a review […]


The Riverview Modern Streetcar Is Still Not Good Transit

Right now, and up until Monday, the Metropolitan Council is accepting public comment on whether or not to add the proposed Riverview Corridor streetcar project to its long range transportation plan. I encourage anyone who wants to see good transit service in Minneapolis-St. Paul to make it a priority to weigh in and express highly […]

A Quick Fix for Minneapolis Transit

Last week, David Levinson asked whether we are “building a city” in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. He noted that rail investments only make sense in areas where there is sufficient density to support those investments. He further wondered whether Minneapolis and St. Paul could achieve those requisite densities for a majority of residents in […]


5 Ways to Improve the Central Corridor for Everyone

The Metro Green Line undoubtedly has been a boon for the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, catalyzing development throughout the Central Corridor. In a few places, however, implementation of the metro’s premier light rail route didn’t create the safe, pleasant multimodal environment that all users could enjoy. In celebration of the Green Line’s fifth […]

Transit On-time Performance

On-time performance is critical to the success of all scheduled public transit. Assuming that speeds are competitive, fares are reasonable, service frequencies are convenient, the vehicles are clean and safe and the staff is customer friendly, the level of on-time performance can make or break ridership. The customer needs confidence that the bus or train […]

Bus Rapid Transit: Not As Simple and Cheap As It Seems

Often, if not every time, there’s an article written by Janet Moore of the Star Tribune that relates to bus rapid transit (BRT). It’s defined as a “service that mimics light rail in terms of service and reliability but for a fraction of the cost” (quoting this article). This is a generalized statement that doesn’t […]