Little Canada’s “Other” Transportation Infrastructure: Bicycling

[…] have one route with bike lanes, which is Edgerton Street near Lake Gervais. Other routes have “bike area” lanes or “bikeable shoulders”, such as Rice Street and Little Canada Road. The few trails that currently exist in Little Canada tend to be disjointed. Trails often become sidewalks after a certain point, such as when County […]


Little Canada’s “Other” Transportation Infrastructure: Walking

This is part of a series of posts about a study on Little Canada’s transportation infrastructure for people who take transit, walk, and/or bike. In Transit: Parts One and Two, I discussed my motives behind my study along with some information and statistics about transit ridership in Little Canada. This part has an analysis of Little Canada’s pedestrian […]

Little Canada’s “Other” Transportation Infrastructure: Transit, Part Two

[…] Two
Reviewing the Transit Accessibility Study
I reviewed the University of Minnesota’s Accessibility Observatory’s Access Across America – Transit (2014) study done by David Levinson and Andrew Owen to see how accessible Little Canada by taking transit to work. The study’s data is assorted down to the census block level, showing how accessibility can vary between neighborhoods. According to this study, the […]

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Little Canada’s “Other” Transportation Infrastructure: Conclusion

[…] work for a year now (See earlier posts Transit: Parts One and Two), and it has had its ups and downs. I have taken every bus route that serves Little Canada except the 263 (express bus to/from downtown Minneapolis). It still is my primary mode for my commute until I move to Saint Paul next week.
I would be […]

Little Canada’s “Other” Transportation Infrastructure: Transit, Part One

Introduction & Motives Behind The Study
Welcome to Little Canada. Picture by Amanda Kline courtesy of
Getting around Little Canada is relatively easy, if you have access to a vehicle. The advantages of being an inner-ring suburb of Saint Paul means that it’s well connected to the metro’s freeway network (Interstates 35E and 694, and State Highway […]



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