2320 Colfax in 2014.

CM Glidden’s Thoughts on 2320 Colfax

I contacted City Council members prior to the final council vote on an appeal for a demolition permit at 2320 Colfax in Minneapolis’ Wedge neighborhood, much-discussed in posts here and here.  Council Member Glidden sent me a detailed response explaining the reasoning behind her vote, which she has given permission to post here.   Thank you very […]

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We’ve got all kinds of good audio content about transportation and land use in Minnesota for you, including: interviews with folks working on cool projects, behind-the-article looks at Streets.mn posts, field trips, and interactive segments. New episodes are published on the 1st and 15th of each month, and are typically less than an hour long. […]

North Minneapolis Street Shops

Walking All the Streets of Western Hawthorne

Farview Park is the central feature of Minneapolis’s Hawthorne neighborhood, and fittingly enough, I visited it on all three days’ walks. On the first day, I cut through its northern tier and southeastern corner. On the second day, I started and ended at its southwest corner, but without entering the park itself. This time, I again started and […]