2320 Colfax in 2014.

CM Glidden’s Thoughts on 2320 Colfax

I contacted City Council members prior to the final council vote on an appeal for a demolition permit at 2320 Colfax in Minneapolis’ Wedge neighborhood, much-discussed in posts here and here.  Council Member Glidden sent me a detailed response explaining the reasoning behind her vote, which she has given permission to post here.   Council Member Elizabeth […]


2320 Colfax vigil: Neighborhood residents and local figures at a candlelight vigil on April 22, 2014, outside 2320 Colfax. (Photo: Tony Webster)

Advocating for Good Urbanism at City Hall: 2320 Colfax

[…] I would apply these skills to being persuasive at City Hall, specifically by providing a specific example for an issue that is currently ongoing. The demolition of 2320 Colfax is approaching another decision at City Hall this week. Most are already aware of the history of this project, but for those who are not, Scott […]

2320 Colfax in 2014.

Preserving Despair at 24th and Colfax

The sad story of Mike Crow Mike Crow has owned 2320 Colfax Avenue South and the house next door for over 20 years. Recently, he’s had health crises and says it’s “impossible” for him to do the work that’s needed to run the rooming house. “Rooming houses are much more labor intensive than other types […]

Making Money In Real Estate

The Healy Project’s quixotic lawsuit to save 2320 Colfax hit a major snag earlier this week when a judge denied their request for an injunction. And for anyone who’s followed the saga, there were some interesting and amusing tidbits in the judge’s ruling (p 4-5). The Healy Project’s two “experts” were each judged unqualified to give expert opinions. […]

Chart of the Day: Doing the Math on Transit Incentives

[…] have no real reason for existing in that they don’t really visually articulate numerical concepts. Basically, if a chart is 3D, you can assume it doesn’t need to exist. CM Glidden’s Thoughts on 2320 Colfax Advocating for Good Urbanism at City Hall: 2320 Colfax Preserving Despair at 24th and Colfax “I’m Not Opposed To Development” TransitIncentiveSpacingvsBusStopSpacing

Minneapolis’ Vacant Buildings: Historic Edition

[…] how many there are. It was also in response to a bout of local hand-wringing over the demolition of one ‘historic’ and supposedly ‘unique’ house, located at 2320 Colfax which even the strongest advocates for preserving the house admit it is actually just an inferior copy of another, beautifully maintained house a half-mile away, on […]