Friday Photo – Aerial Edition

[…] freeway is like looking at someone’s face with a microscope, and seeing every oozing pore.
On that note, stay tuned in 2 weeks for a nitty gritty Friday Photo featuring an excerpt from an essay entitled “Commuters”. Aerial – Mississippi river by Lucie Maru, on Flickr Aerial Minnesota highway 94 and 35W by Lucie […]

Friday Photo – Horrible Bus Stops Edition

[…] proverbial devil on your shoulder, reminding you how bad everything actually is.  (Probably has something to do with this) So without further ado, here is my first Friday Photo post: 10 strong contenders for worst bus stop in “MSP”, complete with sarcastic remarks!
The warm, inviting glow of a Metrotransit bus stop on an autumn […]

Friday Photo

Hello Streets.MN Readers,
You were introduced to Joe and I back in March as the Streets.MN Flickr community curators. Starting today, and each Friday following, we’ll have a photo post with images from the community pool. Some posts will be a single image that caught our eye, some will include a story or delve into […]

Friday Photo – Rural Minnesota in the 1920’s

I came across this set of old photos from flickr user Ted Sherarts. The description of the set reads: “An old friend and retired newspaper reporter, Lawrence Spears agreed to the posting of these pictures from his collection of family photos. Most were taken in rural Minnesota in the 20’s and early 30’s.” Many of […]

Photo Friday

                      My first choice photo happened to be one with snow in it, but I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself (/ruin everyone’s Friday) so here’s a cheerier image of Milwaukee Avenue in the Seward neighborhood in honor of the Autumnal Equinox on […]

Friday Photo: Avoiding Future Egrets

Here’s a picture of an egret hanging out on a park bench on Raspberry Island during the recent flood in Saint Paul.   This is a horrible picture. Let’s not let this happen again. stp-egret-flood

Friday Photo – Minneapolis.jpg

minneapolis.jpg. Spoonbridge and Cherry, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden by meetminneapolis, on Flickr Spoonbridge and Cherry, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Friday Photo – Window

Happy Friday! Happy April! Hope you all have safe commutes today. Photo credit to Flickr member Mark Jackson. Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 6.38.45 PM

Friday Photo – Was Diamond Products

US-52 destruction
Looking through the Flickr group this week, this photo really stood out for me, especially the way the photographer captioned it. He writes:
“The apocalyptic landscape created by the dual construction/destruction zones of the US-52 Lafayette Freeway Bridge project and tearing down the Gillette / Diamond Products building to make way for a new […]

Friday Photo – Fairbault, Minnesota

Happy Friday, folks. Below is a shot of beautiful Fairbault, Minnesota from writer David Levinson. It looks like a cozy town, especially after watching their tourism video. Fairbault