Chart of the Day: Projected SWLRT Boardings circa 2007

At this point is seems like endangered water under the expensively reconstructed bridge, but (via Brendon Slotterback’s Twitter), here’s a chart from a 2007 document from back in the Southwest Light Rail (SWLRT) planning daze. Here are the projected boardings for the different modes and alignments that were on the table at the time: As Slotterback says, “Route 3A (the […]

Why Minneapolis SHOULD Consent to the SWLRT Tunnel Plan

[For an opposing take on the SWLRT tunnel, see Kasia’s post here.]  The Southwest Light Rail (SWLRT) corridor, otherwise known as the Green Line Extension, sure is one heavily debated and contentious project.  While there are technical and political questions along the entire route, what to do about routing freight, LRT, and bikes through the […]

A regular 40 ft Gillig bus in the Metro scheme at Mall of America

Solving BRT Creep

NIMBYs hate him! Learn the one neat trick to regional transit planning that traffic engineers don’t want you to know!

Route 2.

Metro Transit Upgrades Route 2

Metro Transit recently announced upgraded service for Route 2 in Minneapolis, effective this week. There are about 25% more daytime buses per hour versus last week. This means that the average wait time for the 2 fell from 7.5 minutes to about 5 minutes. Zig-zagging to success The 2 is a pretty weird route, for three […]

Grimes Pond Bottineau LRT

Stop Choosing LRT Alignments Before Knowing the Cost

As the Twin Cities proceeds with plans to build over three billion dollars worth of rail extensions for the Blue and Green Lines, many transit advocates question if we’re missing an opportunity for transformative projects that lift up urban neighborhoods on their routes between suburban park & rides and the downtown core. Will Rogers once […]