Sunday Summary – December 28, 2014

The last Sunday Summary of 2014 is short with only three posts this week.  In the end of the year tradition of summing things up, we can note that 2014 marked the beginning of the Sunday Summary feature (you can read the whole year on in weekly chunks here). In 2014, also tried to […]

The Garden and The Rose

Sunday Summary – October 23, 2016

Only one more Sunday Summary before Halloween, three more Summaries before the General Election (November 8, but you can vote early in Minnesota) and before Daylight Savings Time ends (November 6) and five Summaries before the next board meeting (scheduled for December 3; these meetings are open to readers and members). The Board […]

Sunday Summary – February 9, 2014

The Sunday Summary, your guide to the week’s news on Big stories Two stories mentioned in last week’s summary continued their impact with new posts. Nicollet Mall can live up to its potential, with its call to tear down the skyways and picked up by MinnPost generated a response on MinnPost Don’t Tear Down […]

Sunday Summary – January 25, 2015

Here are the all week’s posts summarized and sorted for strategic reading. Why read the Sunday newspaper when the Sunday Summary has the stuff you really need? Telling good stories Urban Living is Good for Your Health is a good story about how our built environments shape behavior without technical details, policy language or other formalities. Living […]

Sunday Summary – December 18, 2016

2016 is disappearing quickly — Only one Sunday Summary left before 2017 (and next Sunday falls on Christmas). Before the end of the year, we’d like to encourage you to join us as a member of; your donation is tax-deductible and will help us make website and editorial improvements. Or, write for us. […] Sunday Summary logo

Sunday Summary – May 6, 2018

…that fantastic moment when you wake up on a beautiful Sunday morning and remember that you promised Betsey you’d write this week’s Sunday Summary and forgot. Without further ado, here’s last week on Events: Everyone is invited to a series of Jane’s Walks in St. Paul,  inspired by the ideas and legacy of urbanist Jane […]

Minnesota Section Great River Road National Byway

Sunday Summary – May 26, 2019

Many thanks to Jenny Werness for being the Sunday Summary Substitute last week and making the Summary more mission-driven, too!  Not many posts this week, but to make sure I have to work harder next week you could write about the end of the legislative session and what it means for our places, or tell […]

Sunday Summary – March 18, 2018

March continues and Spring will officially be here before the next Sunday Summary. Also before the next Summary is the annual Writers Workshop (here’s the Facebook event)and you’re invited. What, you don’t write for us? If you already write, have thought about writing for us, or even just think about your Minnesota city or town and […]

Sunday Summary: July 3, 2016

Hello! I’m Jeb, and I’ll be subbing in this week for the Sunday Summary. Hope your long weekend is going well! This week we’ve had a number of articles that are worth your time to read and peruse. This week I’m keeping it simple, going from oldest to newest. On Tuesday, two posts came […]

Sunday Summary – January 8, 2017

[…] a little holiday, so this post collects three weeks of good stuff.  Looking ahead, is holding a Backyard Ice Skating: The How-to and Why fundraiser on Sunday, January 22.  Billed as a SIMBY – skate in my backyard – event, this is a chance to skate, eat and drink, and learn about building […]