Sunday Sketch – Transit Sketching

I have been thinking a lot recently about transit sketching and how the new Green Line LRT will change my transit sketching habits. I like sketching people, but finding people to sketch in the Twin Cities is often a problem. Streets can be devoid of life as if a neutron bomb went off. There […]

Sunday Sketch – Meet Some Twin Cities Urban Sketching Architects

[…] are Ozayr Saloojee,  a U of M architecture professor who leads architecture sketching study abroad in Istanbul. Eric Amel is another sketching architect at the U of M. Last Sunday, the Metro Sketchers and Twin Cities Urban Sketchers  joined up for a sketch-out at the Union Depot in Saint Paul’s Lowertown. It was a fun gathering and […]

Sunday Sketch: Urban Sketching in Minnesota

[…] aforementioned Roz Stendahl leads a sketch-out safari to the Minnesota State Fair – video from last year’s State Fair sketch-out on Roz’s blog. In future posts of Sunday Sketch, I’ll be posting my urban sketches and sketches of other Twin Cities sketchers. I’ll also write about observations and thoughts I have while sketching our urban […]

Sunday Sketch: Sketching Twin Cities Snow Piles

Winter in Minnesota does not favor plein air sketching – ink freezes in pens, watercolors turn to ice and fingers develop frostbite. Fortunately, there are many good places to sketch indoors in the Twin Cities (watch this KARE 11 report about the Metro Sketchers sketching at the Como Conservatory). Towards the end of the […]

Sunday Sketch– Flood Sketching and a Modest/Awesome Riverfront Proposal

Roberta and I did a lot of sketching of the flooding in Downtown Saint Paul. We wanted to document the changing landscape as water gradually replaced land. There’s a slideshow of our flood sketches at the PiPress.  Here’s one of the sketches I did from the Robert Street Bridge of the Port of Saint Paul’s Lowertown Landing […]

Sunday Sketch – The Mortality of Cars

I love sketching people, but very often people are in cars and I hate sketching cars. But, cars are a big part of the landscape so I sketch cars. Cars all seem to be screaming for attention with designs which for the most part, reminds me of flashy athletic footwear. The only time I really enjoy […]

Sunday Sketch: Memorial Day in Minneapolis & Saint Paul

Two weeks ago, readers may remember I wrote about sketching in cemeteries.  The day after I wrote that post I got out from behind my computer, packed my sketching supplies and put my bike on the #54 bus and traveled to Minneapolis from the Union Depot in Saint Paul to Minneapolis to sketch at the […]

Sunday Sketch – Sketching The Awesome Awfulness of Present-Day Landscapes.

[…] this sketch of the few surviving buildings on Kellogg Boulevard one of which is occupied by the urban apiarist Mademoiselle Miel’s kitchen (more sketches here): In future Sunday Sketch posts, I’ll share more ruminations, both celebratory and crabby that occur to me while sketching. NOTE: Roberta and I will be showing our journals talking about […]

Sunday Sketch – Sketching the TPT Parking Ramp & Visualizing Something Else

[…] outdoor stuff. This annotated sketch shows what I have in mind: I totally give TPT all rights to the above ideas to improve their building (and our view). Note #1 to Sunday Sketch readers: I will be sketching little portraits of pets today from 12 AM to 3 PM  in front of Wet Paint, 1684 Grand Avenue in Saint Paul […]