Can’t See the Forest for the Trees? Accounting for the Urban Forest

[…] resilient.  Despite this story repeating itself with the arrival of the emerald ash borer and the impending destruction of the Green Ash, most people still have little understanding of the challenges facing our urban forest and the beneficial roles that urban forests play in our lives as a living green infrastructure.  The benefits of […]

Soil and Water in the Life of a Street Tree

This is the second post in the series Understanding the Urban Forest from the Ground Up.  Part one can be read here. Unlike other forms of infrastructure, urban forests are also an ecosystem.  As a managed system, it grows and evolves over time, but has basic requirements that must be met in order to function as planned. It is a bit […]

Camping for Urbanists

Going all-in on urbanism doesn’t mean you have to give up on spending time in the outdoors; in fact, many urbanists love going camping! We’ll talk to a city planner about creating car-free camping opportunities, and then follow a group on a hare-brained winter bike trip to ski and camp at Afton.

Sunday Summary – February 8, 2015

[…] work are more than twice as likely to fail.”  Comments give additional on-the-street perspectives plus other strategies for preserving trees and sidewalks.  Also take a look at 2014’s Understanding the Urban Forest from the Ground Up for more about the value and challenges of the urban forest. Another urban forest casualty     History Department The Stillwater Bridge Story is the first installment of […]

Density is an Historic Resource

[…] Lately I’ve been thinking about historic preservation. Though it may be overblown, Saint Paul and Minneapolis seem to be full of fights between “urbanists” and “preservationists” over the future of our cities. Examples include the ongoing spats over an historic but run-down house in Uptown, old single-story buildings in Dinkytown, or the width of sidewalks […]