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Alan Grahn Memorial Ride: May 16, 2018 (Video)

May there be bicycles in heaven. Summit & Snelling Ave – Alan Grahn Memorial Ride The Alan Grahn Memorial ride, hosted by Hilary Louise Hancy and Rob Stepaniak, took place at 6:30PM on May 16, 2018 to celebrate the 75-year life of a husband, father, grandfather and outdoor enthusiast. He also inspired the #SafetyOnSummit movement. […]

The Cold Equations of Roadway Safety

Concerned about faster driving? More pedestrian accidents? Less safety for cyclists? Weigh in about the City of St. Paul’s Transportation Safety Action Plan.

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Sunday Summary – May 12, 2019

Apartment department Conrad Zbikowski offers another preview of a new mixed use building going up  with the Iron Clad Mixed-Use Development Opening “Mid-June” at the southeast corner of Chicago and Washington Avenues in the Mill District.  More policy-related, he also crunches some numbers to find It’s Impossible to Afford Rent on the Minimum Wage both […]

Goodbye Lime Bikes, We Never Cared

Lime isn’t bringing its bikes back to Saint Paul in 2019 and I think that’s fine. And if I died while riding my bike the cops in Saint Paul would be nonplussed. I tried riding a Lime last year. Not the scooter; those were fine, if a little boring. But the green bikes were heavy, […]

Updating the Summit Avenue Bikeway

The recent death of Alan Grahn on Summit Avenue at Snelling has provoked widespread calls for improvements to the Summit Avenue Bikeway. His is not the first death, the first crash or even the first crash of that type at that intersection. A gentleman named David Wuest was similarly hit by a motorist turning northbound […]

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Sunday Summary – June 10, 2018

If you haven’t already responded (or would like to answer again – as many times as you wish) to’s group brainstorming to update our mission statement, Please do Help Change and Thrive — What are your Place-Values?   Tell us what you dream and fill in the blank: “I want to live in a place […]