It’s Not a Bottleneck, It’s a Turkey Neck

Around these parts, it’s not an unpopular belief that the Hennepin-Lyndale Bottleneck is a bit – ah, how to put it? – oversized. The City of Minneapolis’ Public Works Department does not appear to share this belief, as they’ve submitted a design for the Bottleneck that retains its massivity. When a loved one has […]

Walker Art Center a Culprit in Badness of Hennepin/Lyndale Bottleneck

[…] frontage in red
The phrase “considerably alter” maybe implies that it would be expensive, but it’d certainly be some fraction of the cost of even the most minimal bottleneck repaving, currently budgeted at about $9.1 million dollars, and a much smaller fraction of the Walker’s $152 million dollar endowment.
But there’s a lot to do here.
Here […]

Call for Action on the Bottleneck

Nice view of the Hennepin United Methodist Church. We’ve been having a lot of talk on this site about the Lyndale-Hennepin Bottleneck, the potentially amazing but actually crappy intersection between Loring Park, the Walker Art Center, Downtown and Uptown, and directly over I-94. Brendon penned a call to arms pointing us to this problem over two years […]

GIF of the Day: Hennepin-Lyndale Bottleneck Through the Years

Reconstruction of Minneapolis’ Hennepin/Lyndale bottleneck has begun. There will be traffic tweaks and some much needed bike/pedestrian improvements, but this reconstruction won’t be a radical makeover of the kind Scott Shaffer proposed over a year ago. Scott suggested we “drop the spaghetti bowl” (a “mess of undulating streets and arcing flyover ramps to and from the […]

Hennepin/Lyndale Bottleneck Revisited

[…] visitors from heading to or passing through what should be a focal point of our city.
There is some small degree of hope on the horizon: the Hennepin/Lyndale bottleneck is due for a make-over. The feds awarded the project $7.3 million and the City of Minneapolis will host a public open house on March 25 […]

The Non-Motorized Bottleneck: 15th Avenue SE

After reading Prescott Morrill’s great article on the continual growth of the Minneapolis bicycling population, I was initially shocked at certain count levels in specific areas. The counts in the Bike Walk Twin Cities study were within a 2-hour time period during evening rush (4pm – 6pm), and occurred in a week timeframe in mid-September. […]