It’s Not a Bottleneck, It’s a Turkey Neck

Around these parts, it’s not an unpopular belief that the Hennepin-Lyndale Bottleneck is a bit – ah, how to put it? – oversized. The City of Minneapolis’ Public Works Department does not appear to share this belief, as they’ve submitted a design for the Bottleneck that retains its massivity. When a loved one has […]

Walker Art Center a Culprit in Badness of Hennepin/Lyndale Bottleneck

Walker Art Museum, from the Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge over the Hennepin/Lyndale bottleneck The Hennepin/Lyndale Bottleneck: Not great by any measure. The City of Minneapolis is working on a plan to, basically, repave it. Many well-written thoughts about that project and whether or not it’s a good idea and what we’d do if we […]

Call for Action on the Bottleneck

Nice view of the Hennepin United Methodist Church. We’ve been having a lot of talk on this site about the Lyndale-Hennepin Bottleneck, the potentially amazing but actually crappy intersection between Loring Park, the Walker Art Center, Downtown and Uptown, and directly over I-94. Brendon penned a call to arms pointing us to this problem over […]

GIF of the Day: Hennepin-Lyndale Bottleneck Through the Years

Reconstruction of Minneapolis’ Hennepin/Lyndale bottleneck has begun. There will be traffic tweaks and some much needed bike/pedestrian improvements, but this reconstruction won’t be a radical makeover of the kind Scott Shaffer proposed over a year ago. Scott suggested we “drop the spaghetti bowl” (a “mess of undulating streets and arcing flyover ramps to and from the […]

Hennepin/Lyndale Bottleneck Revisited

[…] and green space line the riverfront. The other three sides of downtown are cut off from the rest of the city by highways and by the Hennepin/Lyndale bottleneck. These areas are less attractive. These man-made barriers dissuade potential downtown visitors from heading to or passing through what should be a focal point of our […]

The Non-Motorized Bottleneck: 15th Avenue SE

[…] Dinkytown, 15th Avenue is the only street connecting the two neighborhoods. The resultant of all of these population forces make 15th Avenue the Twin Cities’ only non-motorized bottleneck. Granted, both the City of Minneapolis and the University alike have made solid strides of improving the biking & pedestrian infrastructure. New modifications, such as implementing […]