Bus Stops May Be Greatest Hindrance to Winter Bus Riding

This February saw record-breaking snowfall in the Twin Cities area. As any Minneapolis resident could see — whether traveling by car, foot, bus or bike — our city’s infrastructure was not up to the challenge. That went double for the Metro Transit system, which needs all the support it can get these days. As a longtime reader […]

Tescil working on a survey with Deveon Thao

Rider Requests for Better Bus Stops

At streets.mn, our writers notice bus stops, and we aren’t shy to share our own opinions. On the other hand, we don’t seem to go out and ask other people riding the bus for theirs. Luckily, Metro Transit has found some community engagement funding to hire local community members to do “Better Bus Stops” outreach […]

Saints Transit Victory: The Anti-Bus Stops Here

Thanks to you, the outcry over recent transit-oriented injustices at the Saint Paul Saints game led to swift action. At last night’s Saints game, the Metro Transit sponsored race around the bases, which has been documented as a sham and widely publicized on this website, was resolved. For the first time ever, the Metro Transit […]

The Importance of Floating Bus Stops

Fellow Minneapolites, let’s stop being our northern humble selves for just a quick second and truly boast a fact that we’ve known for a while now: we live in the best biking city in America. Bicycling Magazine crowned us champs in 2010. WalkScore’s Bike Score doesn’t list us because we don’t have a large enough “population”, but […]

Better Bus Stops

Bus stops are making the big time. Metro transit is launching an Enhanced Transit Information Signage Survey (The ETISS). All are encouraged to participate. Metro Transit wants to enhance information at bus stops. Please answer a few quick questions to help us identify new improvements. Also, Eric Roper has a nice article in today’s Strib: Building a Better […]

Friday Photo – Horrible Bus Stops Edition

Hi Streets.mn, Here I am, the other half of Streets.mn’s Flickr page moderation duo, ostentatiously starting the fist of my bi-weekly photo posts with a whole bunch of my own photos! I hope you’ll forgive me – I just thought it might be a nice introduction to me and my sour take on this realm. […]