Tescil working on a survey with Deveon Thao

Rider Requests for Better Bus Stops

At streets.mn, our writers notice bus stops, and we aren’t shy to share our own opinions. On the other hand, we don’t seem to go out and ask other people riding the bus for theirs. Luckily, Metro Transit has found some community engagement funding to hire local community members to do “Better Bus Stops” outreach […]

Better Bus Stops

Bus stops are making the big time. Metro transit is launching an Enhanced Transit Information Signage Survey (The ETISS). All are encouraged to participate. Metro Transit wants to enhance information at bus stops. Please answer a few quick questions to help us identify new improvements. Also, Eric Roper has a nice article in today’s Strib: Building a […]

Podcast #76 – Bus Stop Spacing with Alex Cecchini

[…] this week is a conversation with Alex Cecchini, an engineer and regular contributor to streets.mn. Alex recently wrote a well-researched post entitled The Case for Quarter Mile Bus Stop Spacing, all about transit design and the tradeoff between frequent stops and bus speeds. We sat down at the Amsterdam Bar in downtown Saint Paul […]

Solving the Bus Driver Shortage

Metro Transit is having trouble hiring and retaining enough bus drivers for their fleet, which has led to service cuts. In this episode, we hear what Metro Transit and the bus drivers union think needs to be done to address the shortage. We’re joined in the studio by transit justice advocate Adri Jereb to […]

The Case For Quarter Mile Bus Stop Spacing

[…] A “walk-shed” is the geographic area that transit planners assume a bus/rail/gondola/zeppelin stop or station will draw passengers from. This is typically assumed to be 1/4 mile for bus stops (more on that later) A transit service plan requires a tricky balance between operational efficiency and access to adjacent land uses. Spread the stops out too […]

Bus Stops May Be Greatest Hindrance to Winter Bus Riding

[…] begins after the first major snowfall, during the first full week of February. I live with my wife on Dean Parkway in Minneapolis and rely on two bus stops to get to my job: one in front of Calhoun Beach Club and another farther east where it sometimes is easier to catch the bus driver’s […]

Metro Transit Rolls Out Vastly Improved Bus Stop Signs

[…] of the system should be updated in the next couple years using a mix of federal, state, and local funding. Studies have shown that improved amenities at bus stops can affect riders’ perception of wait times. Metro Transit currently ranks behind Portland, Maine on measures of basic bus stop signage–we’re about on par with Wausau, […]

Towards a First-Class Bus System

[…] informative, with at least schedule, bus numbers, and some with maps. Seattle’s transit mode share is twice the Twin Cities. An Assessment Scale for Travel Information at Bus Stops – allows us to objectively rate the quality of information conveyed on bus stop signs. Sadly the Twin Cities does poorly. UMN Campus Shuttle Signs – […]

How Accessible Are Twin Cities Bus Stops?

You would be hard pressed to find a Twin Cities intersection that doesn’t have ADA-mandated curb cuts. In contrast, almost half of the metro area bus stops are not accessible. Furthermore, there is no count of how many actually meet ADA requirements. This is a major hole in the accessibility network. It also has a […]