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Chart of the Day: Typical Distances By Transportation Mode, Log Scale

Here’s a chart that caught my eye, from a post on Why Is This Interesting about micromobility. First let’s look at the chart, which, with its log-scale and comprehensive scope, is the kind of chart that makes me excited about charts. Check it out: (See also these other great comprehensive charts: Operating Speeds by […]

Chart of the Day: Land’s Share of US Home Prices

Via Visualizing Economics, here’s a cool chart showing the percentage of a home’s value that is tied up in land (as opposed to the house itself). Here’s the chart: The chart’s maker, Catherine Mulbrandon, doesn’t say much about this other than to point towards the dataset, which comes from the Lincoln Institute of Land […]

Chart of the Day: Minneapolis and Saint Paul Populations as Percent of their Peak

Via erstwhile gadfly David Brauer, here’s an interesting chart. The 2016 census population estimates came out last week and sparked an interesting conversation on Twitter this week. Here’s the original population chart, via former board member / forum founder Nick Magrino: (He got the chart from a recently released Met Council report…) Following the […]

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Chart of the Day: Child Pedestrian Fatalities, 1990 – 2012 by Day of Year

Here’s an a propos chart. It shows the number of children killed by cars by day of the year: A quote about it the data: BestPlaces analyzed more than four million records of auto fatalities from the Department of Transportation Fatality Analysis Reporting System.  As the graph below shows, there have been 133 child […]

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Chart of the Day: Minnesota Electricity Sources, 2001-2017

Here’s a cool chart from the New York Times, that has interactive charts for each state showing changes in electricity sources over time. Minnesota’s chart looks like this: The Times follows up the chart with a brief caption: Coal has been the top source of electricity generated in Minnesota for the past two decades. […]

Chart of the Day: Carbon Footprint Reduction Chart

In honor of the new Stillwater freeway grand opening, here’s a chart for you from some periodical called “Science.” It shows the results of a new meta-study of 39 other studies on carbon impacts. Here is the chart: The key idea here, from the Science blog: Many commonly promoted options, such as washing clothes […]

Chart of the Day: Edina Bike/Walk Count Results, Usage by Mode

Disclaimer, I work for the City of Edina, and made these charts for a presentation to the Edina Transportation Commission. This chart is a sum of all the locations’ daily averages for bicyclists and pedestrians during the 2014 Edina bicycling and walking counts. This chart shows the numbers are percentages of bicyclists vs pedestrians […]

Chart of the Day: Edina Bike/Walk Count Results, Daily Use Profile

Disclaimer, I work for the City of Edina, and made these charts for a presentation to the Edina Transportation Commission. This chart shows all counts taken this year and summed all the times in 15 minute intervals throughout the city. (Four of the 15 minute segments were summed together to make the chart cleaner and […]

Chart of the Day: Average Gas Prices, Adjusted for Inflation

Following up on yesterday’s chart showing gains in fuel economy since 1975, today’s chart shows annual average gas prices, adjusted for inflation to 2013 Dollars. The most striking thing about this chart is that gas prices maintained all-time lows (under $2/gallon in 2013 Dollars) for roughly two decades – from the mid-1980s to 2003. […]