Charts of the Day: Commuting Habits of Minneapolis Residents

Via the Metropolitan Council, today we look at the commuting habits of Minneapolis Residents. Source data is the Census, and the American Community Survey, as well as Met Council forecasting models. Share of telecommuters has increased over time, but carpool is down from a peak in the 2000 Census. “Other Means” is also up over […]

Metro Area Fortune 500 Company Profits, 2015

Charts of the Day: Downtown East Commons Fundraising Shortfall vs. Local Fortune 500 Company Profits, 2015

That planned park across from the new Vikings stadium in Minneapolis’ Downtown East neighborhood won’t have firepits–darn. Also, the fundraising effort for it is short by about $10 million dollars, out of about $22 million dollars that the Downtown Council and others have been looking for to fund this here park: Yesterday, the Star Tribune reported that […]

Charts of the Day: More Millennial Trends

Here are three more charts from the USPIRG millennial transportation report that came out this week (mentioned yesterday)…   There are a whole lot of similar trends in the report, which analyzes how meaningful the low-car trend might be, and looks at some of the likely causes of the millennial shift away from driving. The […]

Charts of the Day: Minneapolis Bike Commuting (Vs. the Rest of the USA)

Here are three charts showing how Minneapolis ranks compared to other cities (such as Portland, OR) in terms of bicycle commute-to-work mode share as measured by the ACS Census Data (an annual in-depth door-to-door survey). While each of these charts use the same data, they look very different! The first is through 2011, and shows a […]

Charts of the Day: Bicycling, Income, and Ethnicity

These two charts come from the US Census (ACS data), via this nice little post over at Vox. Two hopefully un-surprising facts: poor people are most likely to bike and walk, and per capita, bicycling is most popular with Latinos. (Of course, Minnesota-specific data would look a lot different than this…)  

Charts of the Day: Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Project Results

The Federal Non-Motorized Pilot Project, where Minneapolis was one of four places in the US to receive lots of money to entice new bicyclists and pedestrians, recently published another report on the progress they’ve made. Here are some Minneapolis-specific charts from it…  

Charts of the day: Green Line ridership by station

On Wednesday, Metro Transit provided ridership figures for the Green Line’s second week of operation, including a station-by-station breakdown. They didn’t give specific ridership numbers for each station, but they did give percentages of the total to two decimal places, which is more than enough for us to pretend that they did. The line had […]

Charts of the Day: CTIB Grants Awarded vs. Revenue Generated

Here are two charts sent along by a reader: They show the shares of grants awarded vs. the share of tax revenue for the five counties participating in the CTIB (Counties Transit Improvement Board) sales tax district. Q: How would this change if SWLRT is passed? I’d have to assume that it would add a lot […]

Chart of the Day: Comparing Vehicle Miles Traveled Charts

The erstwhile Scott Shaffer breaks down four ways of looking at vehicle miles travelled (VMT) data on his Tumblr — total, per capita, per vehicle, and per driver. Compare the results: For some reason he starts talking about Monica and Russ: VMT per capita in Minnesota has been steady or dropping since about 2004. Quick […]