Five New Saint Paul Bikeways

[…] trail segues nicely into the Como Park trails. On the west end, it becomes on-street bike lanes and will eventually connect with a new, off-street bikeway on Cleveland Avenue that is coming in 2021-22.

Johnson Parkway

Next up is a new off-street trail on the east side of Johnson Parkway from Lake Phalen and the Bruce […]

Maryland Avenue Pedestrian Safety Meeting Recap

[…] at Greenbrier to get to the playground.
Cleveland Avenue Speed Limit
In reference to Ramsey County’s attitude in general toward safe streets, someone asked about the speed limit on Cleveland Avenue. The St. Paul City Council voted to reduce the speed to 25mph with the addition of bike lanes, but Ramsey County refused the speed limit […]

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Sunday Summary – June 9, 2019

Here’s the short summer Sunday Summary:

Fight Rolls On for Bike Infrastructure on South Cleveland by Brandon Long tells us about what could still happen in his Highland Park neighborhood, “Cleveland Avenue South is scheduled for a desperately needed mill and overlay this fall. Perfect opportunity to throw down some paint for a bike lane […]

Cleveland Health Line

making it easier for people to leave their cars at home by investing in public transit and pedestrian avenue. Photo by Bob Perkoski.

Jefferson Crashes Rekindle Bicycle Boulevard Debate

Obviously, it was sad. Last week I had the ill fate of attending a police press conference at the corner of Cleveland and Jefferson Avenues in Saint Paul’s Mac-Groveland neighborhood. I had no pressing business that afternoon and, because I’d always wanted to see what one of these pressers was like, I scooted across […]

Walking All the Streets in Northern Folwell

[…] acre) park in the north-central portion of the neighborhood. (To gain some appreciation for the size of the park, compare it on the route map above with Cleveland Park, just west of the neighborhood’s southwest corner.) The more-developed features of the park, such as playing fields and the recreation center, are grouped in the […]

Saint Paul’s Charles Avenue Bikeway and the Unfinished Promise of Bicycle Boulevards

[…] Summit Avenue.

Jefferson Avenue, on the other hand, has all but failed due to a small number of vocal neighborhood opponents who objected to a traffic diverter at Cleveland Avenue and driving delays on their route to Ayd Mill Road and 35E.

A holiday display takes up every inch of a small lot along Charles Avenue […]

Corcoran, Day 2: Art and Businesses

My first day in Corcoran included everything north of 33rd Street as well as a few blocks of more southerly area near Hiawatha Avenue. For day 2, I filled in the remainder using a path that started and ended at the corner of 36th Street and Cedar Avenue, supplemented by a few spurs shown in red. I […]

A Public Park Designed to Feel Private

[…] original park system, declared his intention to designate a lot on Summit Avenue for the public. The sprawling views of downtown Saint Paul and the Mississippi River, Cleveland complained, had been all but hidden from public view by private homes. Born out of this promise was Summit Overlook Park, a .43 acre lot that […]

Rail vs Bus along the Midtown Greenway

[…] Railroad to serve a couple industries along Hiawatha Avenue.

The second option would continue east on Lake Street across the Mississippi River into St. Paul, turn south on Cleveland Avenue, and then turn east onto Grand Avenue, going all the way to Downtown St. Paul. In addition to residents and businesses along Grand Avenue, this […]