Chart of the Day – Twin Cities Freeway Congestion

2012 Metro Freeway Congestion. Source: Metro Freeway System 2012 Congestion Report MnDOT publishes an annual congestion report, showing congestion on freeways in the greater Twin Cities area. MnDOT defines congestion as segments where speeds are below 45 MPH. N.B. The proximate supply-side cause of the congestion may be downstream bottlenecks, so this map is […]

Will Self-Driving Cars Solve Congestion?

Image from New York Times. Conventional wisdom seems to be that self-driving cars will do a lot to alleviate congestion. They will be able to interact with each other and the environment so that they can space themselves closer together, detect and reroute around congestion, and not cause crashes (which accounts for about a […]

Sunday Summary – March 9, 2014

[…] along to the start of another week with a look back at last week’s posts: Regular features: Charts of the Day this week are all about congestion: 7 Most Congested Corridors in the Metro,   Percentage of Miles of Twin City Urban Freeway System Congestion, Twin Cities Freeway Congestion, INRIX Traffic Congestion Scorecard for […]

We Read the Traffic Congestion Report’s Comments So You Don’t Have To

[…] happens….when tempers flare….we read the comments, so you don’t have to. Today the Center of the American Experiment, Minnesota’s Think Tank, released the report, “Twin Cities: Traffic Congestion: It’s No Accident.” The Star Tribune gave it above the fold coverage in their article, “What’s to blame for Twin Cities traffic congestion: regional growth or […]

Chart of the Day: Congestion Cost Estimate Ranges

Well, today’s news is dominated by the perennial congestion report released from the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), which ranks cities based on congestion and then places a monetary value on that estimate. Feel free to read through James’ critique of the numbers, which was published on the site today. Or check out this chart, from Todd […]

Chart of the Day – Percentage of Miles of Twin City Urban Freeway System Congestion

Percentage of Miles of Twin City Urban Freeway System Congestion. Source: Metropolitan Freeway System 2012 Congestion Report This graph shows the percentage of congested directional miles on the MnDOT managed freeway system for the Twin Cities metro area, from the Metropolitan Freeway System 2012 Congestion Report. The trend lines show the difficulties with extrapolation, […]

Chart of the Day: Percentage of Twin Cities Freeway Miles Congested

Here’s a great chart from the archives, from a 2015 post entitled “Twin Cities Traffic Congestion Goes From Fine to Still Fine.” The whole post is worth a read but the key point is embedded in this wonderful chart from MnDOT: As the chart shows, congestion has been largely flat since it peaked around the […]

MnDOT Congestion Trends

Twin Cities Traffic Congestion Goes From Fine to Still Fine

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) released a report last Thursday noting a slight year-over-year increase in Twin Cities freeway congestion. It’s a report and has lots of numbers, but it’s a fairly easy thing to skim through if you are interested. Lots of good stuff in there, and also in this newspaper version […]