Copenhagen’s Cycling Craze

[…] most appropriate given the context.
Most people know that cycling facilities are exemplary here and cycling is a ‘way of life.’ But such a way of life in Copenhagen is promulgated by two seldom-acknowledged and important factors:

Car use is astronomically expensive. Car tax is pegged at 180% and owing to space and other issues, the […]

Bike Friendly Cities: Copenhagen

A newish video about bicycling and Copenhagen.

Published on Aug 8, 2014

Where better to start our series on Bike Friendly Cities than in Copenhagen – a city with over 215 miles of bike paths that was declared the world’s best city for cycling a few years ago?
We talked with everyone who is anyone in the […]

Podcast #71: Saint Paul Meets Copenhagen with Amy Brendmoen and Jessica Treat

The podcast this week is a conversation with Amy Brendmoen and Jessica Treat about their recent visit to Copenhagen Denmark. Amy Brendmoen is a City Coucilmember for Saint Paul’s Fifth Ward, which is made up of the Lake Como, North End and Railroad Island neighborhoods. Jessica Treat is the executive director for Saint Paul […]

Fine Cycling in Copenhagen

Tracy’s gonna need a lot of Kroner
The Copenhagen Post reports on huge increases in fines for various cycling traffic violations in Denmark:
Biking fines, effective Jan 1

Cycling without lights in the dark: 700 kr (US$119.58)
Using a hand-held mobile phone while biking: 1,000 kr (US$170.84)
Missing or defective brakes or reflectors: 700 kr (US$119.58)
Cycling through a red […]

Copenhagenize Twin Cities Bike Infrastructure

[…] hard look at its bicycle infrastructure and ask “what type of bicycle city do we want to be?” As someone who recently returned from a semester in Copenhagen I have continued to explore the Twin Cities by bike and find that our cities lack key features. I want to encourage all residents of the […]