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The highest-ranked alternative for Granary Rd, the “Limited Build”

Proposed Prospect Park North Street Network.

Prospect Park North – A Street Network

[…] pair (with 5th Street if constructed) or a two-way street connecting on the west end with the existing 6th St. SE, and on the east end with Granary Road, and the same termination issues (see #8 below). This street is also valuable for providing access to stadium events.
5th Street SE and 5th Street SE […]

Pierce Butler, American jurist

Piercing Butler

[…] years.
There is a dream (I dare not call it a plan, since it doesn’t rise to that level of officialness) to extend it westward to connect with Granary Road in Minneapolis through the St. Anthony neighborhood. The concept is to run it along the Railroad tracks, on Capp Road, connect to or parallel Robbins Street […]

2012 Best Opportunity to Do Something Useful: Dinkytown Trench

[…] U of M Bikeway Phase III – I’m assuming Bridge # 9 constitutes one of the preceding phases; does anyone know what the other phase is?) and Granary Road , is a great example of the redefinition of usefulness. A swath of land used for infrastructure that was once but no longer is considered […]

The Missing Link

Though the automobile-highway system is mature, and we will not be building any significant mileage of new highways in the Twin Cities, does that mean we should build none? Connectivity is important, more connected cities are more efficient (at least to a point) from a transportation and economic productivity perspective. When I was young and […]

Bluff Creek Park at I-35W

Dinkytown Greenway: Bluff Street vs. St. Anthony Main

[…] Voted in 2012 as Best Opportunity to Do Something Useful. While a section of the Dinkytown Greenway was completed, much of the Ditch remains an uncaptured opportunity. Granary Road has been discussed for years now, where is it? We could run a mostly grade-separated transitway in the Ditch (and along the Campus Transitway) connecting […]

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Won’t you take me to … Dinkytown

[…] help Introductory Chemistry students memorize the periodic table, though that might confuse travelers.
The Dinkytown Trench has long been proposed as a bike route, as a location for Granary Road, and as the location of the University’s alternative Northern Alignment for the Central Corridor. Kimley Horn prepared an August 2012 Cost/Benefit Analysis for the City […]

Prospect Park Neighborhood Meeting on Prospect North. February 14, 2015

Prospect North

[…] of development. At least one building was owned by Wall Properties. You can be sure that if the economy holds, these will add to the mix.
Not mentioned. Will Granary Road every be completed?
The Far Future. Just north of this are rail yards full of containers. If the neighborhood indeeds become valuable enough, one imagines the […]