Pierce Butler, American jurist

Piercing Butler

The most famous Pierce Butler was a founding father and US Senator from South Carolina. An apparently unrelated Pierce Butler was the first Supreme Court justice from the state of Minnesota, who became a justice after earning his chops as a lawyer for the James J. Hill interests (Jane McClure writes about him on the […]

Proposed Prospect Park North Street Network.

Prospect Park North – A Street Network

Prospect Park North is the redevelopment of mostly industrial lands north of University Avenue at the Prospect Park North LRT station. I mentioned some of it an earlier post. Working with some of the key actors planning the neighborhood, I organized a class project for my undergraduate students to conduct a travel demand analysis of Prospect […]

Prospect Park Neighborhood Meeting on Prospect North. February 14, 2015

Prospect North

On a sub-zero Valentine’s Day morning, I walked over to Omar Ansari’s Surly Brewing company. Not for an early morning pick-me-up (I total tee), but rather for a community meeting about the status of the Prospect Park North redevelopment. It was a standing room only crowd, (no doubt enhanced by the offer of free breakfast, […]

Bluff Creek Park at I-35W

Dinkytown Greenway: Bluff Street vs. St. Anthony Main

The most important new connection between downtown Minneapolis and points East since the Green Line is about to open. I speak of course of the connection to the tunnel under I-35W at Bluff Street Park. Riding a NiceRide bicycle from Williamson Hall, I went from the University to the Dinkytown Greenway, and crossed the Number […]

2012 Best Opportunity to Do Something Useful: Dinkytown Trench

Is usefulness useful? Broadly speaking, the definition of usefulness as applied to transportation was set in stone a zillion years ago as meaning the movement of as many vehicles as possible as quickly as possible. But those of us whose communities all those vehicles are moving quickly through, or who have lost loved ones to […]

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Won’t you take me to … Dinkytown

Well, I talk about it, talk about it. Dinkytown, immortalized in the eponymous 1980 Lipps Inc. hit song, is the neighborhood just north of the University of Minnesota. Why is it called Dinkytown? Obviously, because it is so small, its most famous residents are small, even the restaurants are small. Truer stories about the origin […]

The Missing Link

Though the automobile-highway system is mature, and we will not be building any significant mileage of new highways in the Twin Cities, does that mean we should build none? Connectivity is important, more connected cities are more efficient (at least to a point) from a transportation and economic productivity perspective. When I was young and […]

Imagine a Dinkytown Pedestrian Mall

Some of my recent posts have seemed to bemoan some of Minneapolis’ public realm or proposed projects, asking for better.  I intended to shake that up, but I couldn’t swing it.  Instead, I’ll keep the theme going by bringing up a place near and dear to me as a U of M alum – Dinkytown. […]