Lowertown’s Parking Problem is Lowertown’s Walking Opportunity

[…] city’s recent parking study, documenting the thousands and thousands of underused downtown parking spots. But then came the quotes. From the Star Tribune’s take on the “quickening pulse” of Lowertown : “When you live here and you have to go two extra blocks to get your car or bring your groceries home or a new plant, […]

Cleveland Avenue Shows St. Paul’s Need for Parking Creativity

I wanted to piggy-back off of Bill’s great piece on Lowertown’s perceived parking problem, where he notes that people walked nearly a mile from their parking spot on Energy Park Drive to Midway Stadium and were completely okay with that but parking a couple blocks away from CHS Field and walking through a vibrant downtown is somehow asking too […]

Embracing Change at the Saint Paul Farmers Market

[…] Saint Paul Farmer’s Market. It’s the best one in the Twin Cities. Many weekends, I’ll ride my bike down the bluff from my West Side apartment to hang out in Lowertown. I usually wander around and spend a few dollars before going up West 7th street to do some errands. That’s why I read the fascinating article in yesterday’s […]

Can the West Loop Still Happen?

If you asked one of the thousands of new Minneapolis residents who moved in since 2010 “What are the borders of North Loop?”, you may find they consider the western border to be the 4th Street freeway viaduct. Despite the neighborhood continuing on west up to I-94, the viaduct walls off a landscape of low […]