Wheelock and Minnehaha Parkways – Similarities and Differences

I see a lot of similarities between Minnehaha Parkway in Minneapolis and Wheelock Parkway in Saint Paul. I thought it would be fun to compare the two corridors. Here we go. Minnehaha Parkway is 5.3 miles stretching from Lake Harriet to Minnehaha Falls through South Minneapolis. Wheelock Parkway is 5.4 miles stretching from Lake […]

Minneapolis Veterans Home

Walking All the Streets of Hiawatha‘s Minnehaha Falls Area

Minnehaha Regional Park is well known; the adjacent Veterans Home ought to be as well. Both are in the southernmost part of the Hiawatha neighorhood, where Minnehaha Creek flows into the Mississippi River. Like the rest of the neighborhood, they lie between Hiawatha Avenue and the river. Unlike my first three walks, they lie south of Nawadaha Boulevard. However, […]

A New Look for Minnehaha Academy

Cuningham Group’s rendering of the Riverside addition to Minnehaha Academy When Minnehaha Academy shared its rebuilding plans with the nearby community, any regular Streets.mn reader could have predicted the outcome: neighbors were concerned about building height, the lack of a traditional brick school design, migratory birds, and, yes, traffic and parking. The now-empty space […]

Walking All the Streets of Eastern Minnehaha

[…] avoid the “Cult of Hiawatha” in the southeastern portion of Minneapolis, and so I once again found myself in a neighborhood named for one fictional Indian ( Minnehaha) bounded by a highway named for another (Hiawatha), all of which was supposed to somehow make people feel better about living on the land of real […]

Minnehaha Avenue Will Test the City of Minneapolis Climate Action Plan

Hennepin County has decided to proceed with rebuilding Minnehaha Avenue in 2015 and 2016. A good plan, but not great. The much-discussed cycletrack is off the table, and the street will be rebuilt with bike lanes similar to today but with some improvements for pedestrians and cyclists alike. The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition’s announcement shows that organization’s […]

A Minnehaha Avenue for All

A rebuilt Minnehaha Avenue should be a street for all users.  Another set of public meetings is happening next week, where Hennepin County will present revised designs for the street. One version will contain on-street bicycle lanes (somewhat similar to the current iteration), another a separated cycletrack option. Yet there seems to be a […]

Minnehaha Avenue: Why stop at better?

[…] run over if you just sit there” -Will Rogers Earlier this week, Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis released preliminary design options for a reconstruction of Minnehaha Avenue (or County State Aid Highway 48 as the folks on 148 acres in Medina call it) between Lake Street and 46th Street in South Minneapolis. […]

Then & Now: Motoring Through Minnehaha

  The Falls motel on Minnehaha and 52nd   In 1958 Minnehaha Park expanded after the Minneapolis Park Board acquired 26 acres of old Fort Snelling from the federal government. The board continued to lobby Congress to donate most of Fort Snelling to the park in hopes of continuing West River Parkway all the […]