Minnehaha Avenue Will Test the City of Minneapolis Climate Action Plan

Hennepin County has decided to proceed with rebuilding Minnehaha Avenue in 2015 and 2016. A good plan, but not great. The much-discussed cycletrack is off the table, and the street will be rebuilt with bike lanes similar to today but with some improvements for pedestrians and cyclists alike. The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition’s announcement shows that organization’s […]

Minnehaha Avenue: Why stop at better?

[…] run over if you just sit there” -Will Rogers Earlier this week, Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis released preliminary design options for a reconstruction of Minnehaha Avenue (or County State Aid Highway 48 as the folks on 148 acres in Medina call it) between Lake Street and 46th Street in South Minneapolis. […]

A Minnehaha Avenue for All

A rebuilt Minnehaha Avenue should be a street for all users.  Another set of public meetings is happening next week, where Hennepin County will present revised designs for the street. One version will contain on-street bicycle lanes (somewhat similar to the current iteration), another a separated cycletrack option. Yet there seems to be a […]

We Can Make 28th Avenue Better for People

Driving 28th Avenue from 38th Street to Minnehaha Parkway in south Minneapolis is a pleasure, a little too much so. Traffic is relatively light compared to so many busy streets in the city, the speed limit is 30 MPH, the road surface was repaved last year and is nice and smooth. The only likely […]

We Must Do More to Improve Hiawatha Avenue Crossings

It is time to stop letting the highway standards dictate pedestrian safety improvements along Hiawatha Avenue. Anyone who has crossed Hiawatha Avenue on foot or by bicycle knows it’s a pretty rough go. Even with an actual walk signal illuminated the experience feels like taking your life in your hands, and I constantly rubberneck to […]

University Avenue: designed to be dangerous

[…] perhaps photo enforcement of crosswalk violations.  Most importantly, even if the powers that be refuse to change anything, University Avenue should be consistently held up as a case study of what not to do going forward. The same issues are present on Minnehaha Avenue.  Are the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County listening? IMG_4745_UnivAvSP Crosswalk_Median_Cambridge_MtAuburn

Dear Hennepin County

Thank you for your response. I’m sure citizens and voters will take these in to consideration and get back to you with additional questions regarding the reconstruction of Minnehaha Avenue. And I see we have our first questions now. You cite five pedestrian crashes from 2010 to 2012 and two pedestrian fatalities in 2009 (Question […]

Walk This Way: Lyndale Avenue

[…] Bakery & Cafe Midtown Greenway LynLake Brewery is so right Blocked! 46th Street scarecrows This couple went missing. Then they were found. Home at Lyndale Avenue and Minnehaha Parkway Cookie monster at Washburn Library I stopped at Washburn Library at 53rd Street and Lyndale Avenue South for a quick break. Urban hiking should always […]

Squaring a Triangle: Rethinking Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha in Seward

[…] Blue Line currently is). This caused Cedar Avenue to be relocated east of its old alignment, resulting in the triangle that exists today between Franklin, Cedar, and Minnehaha and focusing a lot of traffic into a relatively small jumble of intersections. An idea posted on UrbanMSP by “Eluko” a couple of years ago suggested […]