Map Monday: MnPass Holders in the Twin Cities Metro

Here’s an interesting map via a recently published report from David Levinson, of MnPass holders and where they live in the Twin Cities:

I don’t pretend to know the statistical background to this, but the model’s results are interesting, showing who MnPass theoretically (and actually?) serves:
The paper estimates a binomial logit model that predicts, on […]


MnPass passive tag. Although appearing to have an electrical switch, all it does is slide the RFID chip into a shielded compartment so it can’t be read if you’re a carppol.

Existing and Planned MnPASS Express Lanes

Chart of the Day – MnPASS Network

Planned MnPASS Express Lanes
Source: MnDOT  Annual Transportation Performance Report 2012 Existing and Planned MnPASS Express Lanes

An EZPass Transponder

E-ZPass Electronic Toll Collection Comes to Minnesota

Nationwide Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Interoperability has been an elusive goal for some time. In practical terms that would mean you’d be able to use your MnPASS transponder to pay tolls on a road trip to Chicago or in your rental car in Florida, and in turn, residents of those states would be able […]

US Toll Systems inter-operability map.

Mn-Pass Lacks Electronic Toll Collection Interoperability and Technology

[…] federally funded highway be interoperable by Oct 1, 2016. That would mean that someone from Maine could use their toll transponder in California. Or someone with a MNPass would no longer have to stop every 20 miles to throw change in a bucket on a road trip in Chicagoland. Or pay $73.42 for the […]

2012 Best Trend (Hint: It’s not the Apocalypse)

[…] survey provides reassurance.
MnPASS placed fifth with only 3.5% of the vote, but it used to be quite the trend setter.  A search of Google Trends* revealed that MnPASS was almost as popular as Nice Ride when the program launched in 2005 with the conversion of the I-394 HOV lanes.  It received another popularity spike […]

Why You Should Oppose a Gas Tax Increase

[…] between I-35W and County road 96. There’s $59.5million to add 14 miles of new lanes on I-94 between Highways 25 and 24, or $95 million to add MnPass lanes at I-35W and Highway 10. There’s also $35.9 million to add MnPass lanes on I-35W between 43rd and 11th Avenues and on I-94 from 1st […]

Would You Pay $876 to Cut 6 Minutes Off Your Commute?

[…] if the commute is shortened by a few minutes. A reporter won’t be able to write another article. A plumber won’t be able to fix another toilet.
The MnPass Example
Everyday people intuitively know money and time aren’t the same, and you can see this by looking at MnPass. The toll lanes save the average I-35W driver […]

The I-35E Freeway Apocalypse

[…] public transit. In reality, they just use the toll revenues to build more highways.
The I-35E/Cayuga project is a road-widening project. It will add a northbound and southbound MnPASS Lane to what is already a six-lane freeway, from downtown Saint Paul up to Little Canada Road, near the I-694 interchange. To do this, almost every bridge […]