We Read the Pedal Pub Comments, So You Don’t Have To

Emergency kitten, reading comments. Last night, a pedal pub loaded with passengers was hit by a vehicle driven by a person on the Hennepin Bridge. There is a lot that can be said of the bridge itself and of pedal pubs. Not surprisingly, commenters on many sites are saying a number of things. We decided […]

Pedal Pubs, Drunk Drivers, and Road Design

It seems that the Pedal Pub fiascos can’t catch a break in 2015. Update: 12 riders hurt in pedal pub crash; car’s driver arrested, Minneapolis police said http://t.co/42dEBAXYdc pic.twitter.com/cHKXQRWxDa — Star Tribune (@StarTribune) June 25, 2015 On Wednesday night, several unfortunate souls were caught in one of those “car accidents” on the Hennepin Avenue Bridge while […]

Story of the Century: Hipster Cyclists vs. Suburban Cops in Pedal Pub Melee

[…] hit the Twin Cities. By now, you will have heard of the weekend brawl featuring some number of cyclists shooting squirt guns and throwing water balloons at Pedal Pubs in Downtown Minneapolis. After allegedly (?) coordinating their attack on the “I hate the Pedal Pub” Facebook group, the dastardly alleged (?) assailants rendezvoused in Loring […]

A Safer Hennepin Avenue Bridge Layout

We are (or should be) saddened to hear of today’s news of a motorist, suspected of being intoxicated, ramming their vehicle into the back of a Pedal Pub — without regard to our opinions of Pedal Pubs themselves. (See other posts) Bicyclists, slow-moving vehicles, and other street users are allowed on the Hennepin Avenue Bridge, […]

The Hennepin Avenue Bridge Isn’t Just For Cars

[…] into a slow-moving traffic obstruction, causing damage both to itself and to the obstruction. Or, more accurately, the driver of a car crashed his vehicle into a pedal pub full of patrons and the police suspect alcohol was involved. 12 people went to the hospital. Three suffered “significant” injuries, that were thankfully non-life threatening. Source: […]

I Love the Traveling Tap, and You Should Too

[…] incredible. The Traveling Tap is one of those beer bikes that Minnesotans love to hate. I myself was a card carrying member of the “I hate the Pedal Pub” Facebook group for some time.  No longer. Never has a finer vehicle been created than the Bar Bicycle. An elegant mix of comfort and a blatant […]

Twin Cities: Best Cities for Bicycling…to Beer?

[…] events calendar. And, of course, if you’re still searching for the ultimate bike and beer combo, then call up a few of your friends and rent a Pedal Pub. Then you can bike and drink beer to you heart’s content—and you don’t have to worry about steering! With so many options to combine beer and […]

Skyline view of Denver, Colorado

17 Urbanist Observations from a Trip to Denver

[…] like the Minneapolis North Loop Blink and you’ll see: breweries, bougie shopping, industrial warehouses, a nearby river, a downtown baseball stadium in the distance, hordes of bros, pedal pubs. But no, you’re not in the North Loop. This is RiNo, the River North Art District, which must be the inspiration for SoDoSoPa. RiNo feels more […]

Sunday Summary – June 28, 2015

[…] back to summer and Independence Day celebration planning more quickly and better informed. In the news Hennepin Avenue Bridge: On Wednesday, June 24, 2015, a driver rear-ended a pedal pub traveling south on the Hennepin Avenue Bridge sending 12 people to the hospital and streets.mn writers are all over this.  Layout: A Safer Hennepin Avenue Bridge does the […]